What country are you guys from


Sunny Portugal here. Eagerly waiting Safe Network developments. These are exciting times!



(20 required characters… blah!)


Stockholm, Sweden :sweden:


USA (sunny Seattle!) :national_park: :sunny:


Apa khabar? :slight_smile:

Malaysia here as well guys


Hi! R u still in Japan?


Holland it is :yum:.


County Galway, Ireland


Superb, An Cheathrú Rua is my second home and always will be.



51.341418, -1.777367



Sunny Scotland! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Yep but as David Irvine says:

So submitting your approximate location would be purely cosmetic. You could claim to live in Antarctica or on the moon for all the network would know or care and there would be nothing anyone could do to verify or deny it. Still would be cool for what it was.


We represent a few countries, our CEO is in Hangzhou, as well as part of our marketing team. Several of the wallet developers are in India & Bangladesh with a few in Norway, and one in Bali.

So a few countries, with us :slight_smile: Good approach.


Sweden. :sweden: Planet Earth. :earth_africa: Solar System 1.0.:sunny:


Bondi, Sydney Australia :slight_smile:


Canadian, from a wee toon near Shuswap Lake (sorry, grew up on The Broons and Oor Wullie)
Live with my wife on a farm in northern Thailand


Jabba - Is that what the women look like there?


They all turn into one of those after you marry 'em :wink:


My time is divided between London, Amsterdam and Skopje.

Hup Holland Hup.


Finland (20 characters)