What country are you guys from


Are you my brother by any chance?


Good old Germany :+1: (…)


Hello from Lithuania (Linkėjimai nuo Lietuvos)!!!


I’d say there’s a fair chance I am :slight_smile:


Could have just made this a poll in the OP :smirk:


But I’m meeting family here! @Mitja Couldn’t do that with a poll. :smiley:


Same here…whereabouts? :smile:


North. Work in MediaCity Yourself? :slight_smile:


South …Chorlton for last couple of years but Old Trafford previously.
| haven’t even met anybody else who’s into the Crypto thing and was surprised to see another Safer from Manchester. :smile:


nice, i can see Old Trafford from my desk :slight_smile: yeah, i only know a couple of people that are aware of it myself. But awareness is definitely spreading fast!!


Australia, a proud member of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance and a nation that places its human laws above those of nature and reality.

Don’t believe me? “The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.” Read more at https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/07/prime-minister-says-the-laws-of-australia-can-beat-the-laws-of-math/#muGPvTPFrT7AP0es.99

Damn, but do we need some Safenetwork down here right now!


From Thailand :grinning:

So few of us are in the cyptocurrencies space, I am so worried about our place in the future now …


Netherlands, Holland


Co Mayo. Ireland. Mayo 4 Sam!!


So educate people. It’ll be easier when SAFE launches.


Alaska, USA. - Interested in how well this will work up here, as every now and then something happens and the internet just becomes Alaskanet for up to 3 days.


Athens, Greece, :slight_smile:


A Dutchman in Germany (NRW)


I don’t think it will, it’s just too cold overthere :joy:


I am from Austria, Salzburg, where Mozart was born.:grinning: