What country are you guys from


I’m from not too cold and not too hot place, it’s located in just right position - goldilocks zone. It’s called the Earth.


Ok, we need someone from South America then, Argentina is present too. I know that guy @Jinho_Jang :smile:

Who is creating the map? :wink:


Beijing, China. Study in the U.S.


Mexico (20 characters)


Russia :slight_smile:


JB, Malaysiaaaaaaa :malaysia:


Gothenburg, Sweden :smiley:


From pearl of the orient seas PHILIPPINES! :sunglasses:


Sheffield. UK. Home of the best real ale in Britain!


Perth, Scotland here.

Thankfully I won’t have too far to travel to Troon for the $1 MaidSafeCoin party when it happens :wink:


Shouldn’t that be the £1 party? :wink:


From a England, but live in Northern Ireland.


Let’s have 2 parties :smiley:


At least 3 parties, also a €1 party in Brussels with some beer…


I’m now in Shanghai, China. And the testnet is working great for me so far.


I’m from the great white north.


it’d be cool if during the registration process, you could optionally add your approximate co-ordinates to a 3d globe so we can get some idea of what the network is going to look like at launch :slight_smile:


Just be aware though, at launch the network will not provide any indication of the location of nodes (it’s a design feature). Unlike other projects who do this kind of thing we are on the opposite side, scrubbing IP addresses in hop messages (network transit) and of clients past the proxy. It’s due to security and safety that we have designed it like that. Even nodes joining groups will send their connection info encrypted and only if it suits them to do so. There is more to do but the general rule is divulge nothing :wink:

During tests then of course we can have some playing around (logging to visualisers etc.), but for launch it will all be secured to not log or collect IP addresses.


sure, I only meant during the pre-launch period - a nice visual aid to show the potential spread of the nodes around the world etc. But i suppose its probably more trouble than its worth.


Music to my ears, so good, so important, so desperately needed in these insane Five Eyes nations. Is Scotland going to have another go at leaving David? :grinning: Europe seems much safer territory for MaidSafe and Safenetwork.