What country are you guys from


Hi I know this might seem irrelevant, but keen to know what countries you guys are from, I know the internet links everyone. But would be cool to see the different diverse nationalities. Im from South Africa any follow south africans here ?


Finland (20 characters)


I am from Czech Republic


Long time ago but yes, hence the username.
Let me add: best Cricketing and Rugby nation in the world. :wink:
Lived in England for about 10 years now in Florida.


Wales, best flag imo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am from India…


Bulgaria (EU)

You know where the best yogurt is made :wink:


Definitely botie :+1: (20 char)


Also excellent cricket team :blush:


Yea and a diverse culture too. Language and culture changes in every 500 km, if not less.


Jai hind ! (20 characters)


USA but grew up in East Africa


From France :grinning:


Florida, United States. I agree with @Jabba, Wales does have the best flag!




USA, Chicago also goto Milwaukee WI sometimes


Canada home of maple syrup. :smile:


I am from Sweden, Stockholm


The Netherlands. We suck at rugby I think.


I’m in Manchester, UK