MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


LOL - what goes around comes around enjoy your losses on that short you set up.


What was it thats caused the sudden rise in Maid? was it the DEV update? or was it, as donald trump would say, ‘CHINA’?


China. Price was stable for hours after Dev update.


Could this announcement have anything to do with it(AKA China :stuck_out_tongue: )?


So price wont be going down anytime soon then? I was going to top up on maid the other day, but i didnt get there soon enough. Kinda wish i just went for it now.


Isn’t this people trying to not miss the boat?? Trading and deposits don’t start on the exchange till the 24th of June!!! Buy now folks while you still can!!!


I’m in the same boat. Got 25k and looking to double my position at least…I have a feeling it will go below 9k sats again before the Chinese market opens on the 24th. If I wasn’t out of work at the moment I would have bought in last week…have an interview today, if that goes well I may just have to buy in at 9.5k sats and be happy with that. I mean I originally bought in at 13.5k so I can’t complain about 9.5k can I?

I think the next 24 hours will be critical, tbh. The hype train seems to have died off and I don’t think it will pick up again until closer to the 24th but all it would take is another positive dev update and we could easily see 18k+ sats even before China opens. I’m leaning towards just playing it safe and buying in as soon as I arrange employment.


For those who missed it in the other topic that announced the Yuanbao deal. Copy-paste from my own post:


"Factom in December 2015

On the 19th of December 2015 news broke that FCT would trade on Yuanbao; News Release; the chart below shows the date of the announcement and the trading activity which occurred after this point; after listing the price of FCT went up ~3000%."



Guys,tbh, I searched but I didn’t yuanbao. So are they cryptocurrency-based exchanger or?


Here they are listed on CMP:


Yes, when folks knew FCT was going on there it slowly crept from 25k up to 60k in the few days leading up to the launch. I wouldn’t expect any big movement until the 22nd tbh.

Just like there are now in the troll box, there were many naysayers back then suggesting it wouldn’t have a big impact and that it was ‘over bought’ before it even hit their exchange. Then it shot up to a new ath within hours of launching, over 200k.

FCT was easier for people to grasp (let’s face it, it’s a pretty simple idea lol :confused: ). SAFE isn’t as simple and the market cap is higher than FCT was. However, I would be surprised not to see a pretty big recovery in price. A new surge of interest will mean a load of new investors as well as speculators (the Chinese do love to speculate). We’ll probably get a bubble, but the floor should be much higher with all the new hodlers. I’d be surprised if we don’t hold over 10c from 25th and we might see an ATH quite a lot higher than that.

Nice to have some good news and something to look forward to with the direction of notional balances again, even if they will sit offline for a long time yet and it’s all just meaningless voyeurism watching these micro changes pre launch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Anyone one know if there is margin trading on Yuanbao ? and if so how many of their coins can be margin traded ? … @Xinxi_Wang mate in case you know…

I hope MAID is only available for spot trades initially …


No reason to be mad :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I guess people were not making fun of the gains you pretend to have made but of the prediction that there is not much to gain shortly before there was a 20% upward movement :smiley:

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u dont have to be right 100% or catch every train… just be right enough to make profits



Apparently you have :wink:

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Don’t worry this thread is completely dedicated to hating on traders who even think about trading Maidsafecoin.

There is no selling, there is only buying. There is no shorting there is only longing. Apparently.


Hate…wow, you seem pretty thin-skinned. Btw. more like making fun of wannabe know-it-alls :wink:


It isn’t so much trading that people have reacted to I think, but attempts to manipulate the price which have been exposed on this thread. Most people attracted to the project tend to have a degree of honesty and integrity that gets them upset by that behaviour. I think we’ve also seen manipulators react badly because the community is not dominated by speculators who are more easily manipulated. Fifteen all I’d say :wink:


I don’t see the traders in here acting like know-it-alls. They’re just speculating… As they always do. There is no crime in speculation. There are investors, and then there are traders. I am an investor like many of us here. But that doesn’t mean we need to shame every trader who wanders this way.