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MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic
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I still think this is going to be beneficial in the long run. This BTC hype is a MAID whale killer. Less wealth inequality leads to less volatility and less manipulation. Far better to see MAID being dumped en masse before SAFE release than a huge SafeCoin dump after SAFE release.


Seems like BTC is unstoppable atm. I expect to see 600-700$ range this week tbh and maid in the 1xxx range.

Good opportunity to buy Altcoins if you had spare BTC


Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it goes to 600 in the next 30 hours. But it’s extremely unpredictable what it’s peak is going to be, so I’m not jumping in BTC.


From the graph even $1000 seems possible this month


Yeah, I think people will start wavering once it goes above the Mt. Gox peak though, if it reaches that. BTC in the 600-800 ranges is a welcome familiar sight, BTC above $1000 leads to acrophobia.


Many hold at Poloniex, some offline (DIY). I held at MasterExchange and then at Polo. Never used Omniwallet except to get my IPO coins.

Wow, a compliment! I am a market mover!
IMO the dumper(s) don’t even read this topic. I already said that (they are not speculating and don’t care what people think, they are simply exiting).

By the way, related to the BTC price comments, I am now slowly selling my BTC. I yesterday sold 15%.


Holding on Omni is the safest it can get. You can even backup the wallet. Holding coins on exchanges is a very bad idea.


$9000 volume and $1000 volume for Counterparty and Omni. Can’t compare that with Maidsafecoin at this moment.


Was just pointing out those 2 haven’t went down in price. By the contrary. Both have seen nice rally.


I consider them crypto 1.5 :smiley:


Hmm more like Ethereum is 2.5 and Maidsafe is 3.0

The 2.0s try to solve smaller problems (smart contracts) but they can do so effectively in less dev time.


I’m sure everyone is following the price movement, but I get the sense that the predominant attitude here is one that’s reluctant to name the issues for what they are. Like saying “everything’s going to be OK” to a dying man. I’m not saying MAID’s dying, I hope it isn’t.
But lets get real for a moment.
I’m afraid that as MAID trades for peanuts the image of the project is being damaged, I’m afraid that it’s taking too long, and as time stretches the road map remains depressingly the same. I’m afraid that investors turn away.
I do want to believe otherwise, so please, don’t see me as negative, please, prove me wrong! I have invested what I feel is considerable funds in MAID, but at the end of the day, I can’t ignore what happens before my eyes.
I’m hopeful, but I can’t run on faith alone.


Haha, that’s true.
Also, did you notice that most posters are not even trading - they just hold.
And the tiny minority that does trade is not very fond of those who aren’t buying. :frowning:

Poloniex trading thread

Why its almost as if most of the people who bought MAID, bought it so that when the safenetwork goes live they can convert their coins to safecoins and store their data on a super secure cloud storage network…

Hard to believe really.

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Kirkion, if you look to the left of my comment, it was split by a mod from “Poloniex trading tread” where I replied to a user who said that thread was getting off topic because it wasn’t at all about trading.

I have never said that people shouldn’t hold, or that everyone should trade.


Sorry, probably missed a post when moving a few.


Maidsafe crowd funded mostly bitcoin. This is being used to fund development, not maidsafecoin. In short, the price of maidsafecoin is largely irrelevant in terms of development.

Ofc, many of the devs also have a stake in maidsafecoin, but that is only going to encourage them to develop good software.


I see a trend on here. Lots of new faces, saying a lot of FUD. Connect the dots. Just saying…


The image of the project has been tarnished for some time. It is not the fault of anyone at Maid, it is just how it is.

Anyone reading this forum and other maid related forums see that the target is blurred.

When all comes to life and the value proposition is clear, the revival will start.