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only wannabe here is you who has no input for this topic. read the headline: Price and Trading topic.


LOL youve been crying to your boys how much money you’ve lost. This is priceless.


could MAID ever hit 100k SAT with amount of coins it has? Wouldnt devs and all old holders dump quick creating way to much sell pressure? The coin supply is massive…do you guys see it co existing with things like LISK or ETH or killing them all off?


hmm - thats like asking if people will dump all their gold if that price increases 10x Oo … gold price has increased to incredible highs and people just became more greedy :smiley:

(and of course all projects can coexist :slight_smile: there are cases where every project is the best tool for this special purpose =) … in my opinion safenet will become kind of the swiss army knife with usb stick and chainsaw built in … but of course there are cases where you just want one single very special tool :smiley: …)


So from my understanding now SAFENET will be a much more secure version of TOR and push out TOR?

Fair to say SAFE is a bigger “competitor” to Tor than ETH or LISK?


I think you need to do some searches here on the forum, read wiki pages etc. SAFE is far different from TOR. And this is the price and trading topic. We have other categories and topics for tech questions. Thank you.


Ok fair enough. I will make sure to check that link out.

Thank you


i know its off topic @polpolrene but i thought i’d give a quick answer that hopefully is correct - you are kind of comparing apples with dogs here i think

tor == anonymized gateway to current internet + darknet
safenet is a serverless internet that uses a revolutionary protocol and can’t be shut down by anyone (and will include decentralized computing some day in the future … first goal will be serverless internet + cloud storage + crypto-currency)

ETH and LISK are cool but as far as i understand it everybody in the network needs to calculate everything … so it is a huge and decentralized but pretty slow computer … the way decentralized computing will be implemented in safenet it will probably be way more like a huge fast and universal supercomputer


Could MAID ever see .50 cents - 1 USD in the near future?

What are your short term thoughts on the price for this year?

  • I am really warming up to this project.


linearly interpolating i’d say … sorry i have no clue :wink:

but yes this project is the best i’ve ever seen =D … and when the network layer is finished and polished + smoothly running and we see more apps (like “Live” Community Apps <<< but i guess the webapps are only on the community testnet and not on this large test4net) your whishes might become true =)
…but i am afraid MAID is more like a long-term-investment to most here :wink: … we had many delays in the past and though it looks like the finished product is right around the corner nobody can predict the future :open_mouth: … so … maybe don’t invest anything you might need tomorrow … long-term i personally don’t see why price shouldn’t go even higher …

ps: but i’m no trader - just a fan-boy … my opinion isn’t of too much value :wink:


Before and without the Yuanbao deal it was 10-25 cents for this year. Now that Yuanbao is going to list MaidSafeCoin I’m slightly more optimistic. $0.50 - $1 seems possible for this year.

Long term, say 10-25 years, I can see $1,000+ on the table, presuming Safecoin will be the digital cash of choice, and takes the current market cap of all physical coins in existence.


Those of you who know Poloniex are probably familiar with their “Trollbox” chat box. Lately MAID’s been coming up pretty frequently. For those interested in what’s being said, this website lists all mentions of MAID in descending chronological order:


It’s surreal that there is a chat box alongside what is basically a stock trading interface with real money. The troll box culture has been the same since BTC-e back when the chickun was only the price MAID is today. The market moves based on the trending sentiment of comments.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. You know they keep saying we’ve been duped but we keep getting steady progress and updates every week. The code keeps coming out. Maidsafe has been very clear the project is in development mode. No deception, steady progress and improvements, we can even see how close we are. Trollbox sounds like FUD.


I believe their will be a tremendous short squeeze coming in the nearby future.

I personaly keep on buying more every month from my savings. If everyone of us fans would do that, shorting parties will not be able to hold the dam any longer and they will be forced to turn their positions.

This is what the team needs, higher prices for their hard work and progress made.

Lets start help pushing!

Good luck to David and Team!


Funny you mention this, I said exactly the same to some Maid friends on WhatsApp early this morning, with a link to Investopedia explaining ‘short squeeze’ lol.


Indeed funny :smile:

There seems to be a huge whale that places huge blocks of Maids in the books, when ever someone tries to push maidsafe up to higher levels.

So it will be interesting to see how much “ammo” there is left before this person has to turn its position around. Just patiently waiting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You mean, pump or dump?


8 days only… :wink:

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