MAIDsafecoin, Price and Trading topic (Closed)


Got back in already? :blush:


Wonder why some traders on Polo are so upset about Maid price? :scream:


Haha looks like those who expected a crash woke up to see they missed the boat. Lol


Ouch, that decision must hurt now with Maid trading above 10,000 satoshis only few hours later… :frowning:


Propbably on margin :grin:. It’s shown again and again that public traders fail over 90% of the time. I once read about future traders being even more bad than that getting margin calls all over the place. But still people see crypto and jump in with margin. It’s a mystery to me.


Nobody said I cannot go short now :stuck_out_tongue:


The Poloniex Troll Box, well informed as always… Good for a laugh every now and then. :smile:

“maid has been able to stay afloat for 6 years with only one round of ICO tells me some really big angel investors in maid.”


Why did the development team never told us that ?


To me too. The urge to gamble seems partly inherent (the promise of easy money?), but there’s definitely a cultural element too, especially in China and the UK. When it comes down to it though you as an individual are pitting your abilities/insights against the collective abilities/insights of the market itself. The invisible hand will steal your watch and pick your pocket before you even have time to panic and close your position.


Pumpy pumpy and then comes the selling info :wink:



I believe these are people known, or made themselves known, to have bought MaidSafeCoin at the April 2014 crowdsale?


Yes, I think that’s right. I’ve heard David Johnson (manager of Bit Angels) speak a couple of times on podcasts. Worth listening to. He’s very bright and (as far as I know) runs the only or at least the largest group of angel investors focussing exclusively on distributed applications and the companies making them. This began well before all the hoopla about the DAO. He mentioned in one of the interviews that he visited MaidSafe and how impressed he was by intellectual fire power of the team, describing them as a “bunch of PhDs”! Last I heard was a few weeks back, but at that time the projects that really interested him (other than bitcoin) were Ethereum, Safe and Factum.


Please don’t consider anything I say to be financial advice. I’m simply an amateur in anything financially related.

All it would take is for colleges/universities/hospitals and the business world to adopt the maidsafe network to avoid further ransomware attacks, which have been becoming more frequent lately. University of Calgary just paid $20,000 to buy it’s servers back…

If this happens I could EASILY see safecoins going for $5 each…easy. Issue is I’m thinking this IS the next big one and I’m not invested heavily enough to really cash in. I envy people holding 100k or more maid right now…

So, who thinks we go go back below 9k sats before the Chinese get in on the 24th? Hard to decide if this thing is going to keep slowing gaining til then or will it dip a few times???

Why do I have the feeling it’s now or never to double my holdings?? Could be seeing 25k sats by the end of the month…decisions decisions…


One thing is for sure… maid devs making us rich again by providing 1000 price level for shorting :smiley:


I think this pump is short lived, but who knows? :slight_smile:


Lol yayyyy Maid :slight_smile: She’s alive! Maybe I missed my good long entry position after all. Shux.


The maid is dangerous in short. Have fun with stop out!:grin:


Haha ya…but tbh I first bought in around mid April when I first found out about the project…mid April at 13.5k sats right before it went off a cliff lol. So I was happy to buy in a bunch more at 8k sats range recently. When you are just buying and holding like me it’s nice to have a dip in price to top things off a bit. :slight_smile:


Oh I’ve been holding since ICO. I know all about holding. Haha. :-p In MAID IHODL