Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe



Let’s add this to the ever-increasing list of things that would have never happened on SAFE: the Chinese government’s censorship of WeChat communication sophisticatedly targets not just specific words, per se, but rather combinations of words. I guess people just have to resort to being “that guy” who sends strings of one-word texts…unless of course, those singular words also run afoul of “public sensibilities”…



I am guessing we should just Pin FB at the top of the list, because it comes up so often!! :smiley:


I reckon this thread is some of the best marketing the Safe Network (Sic!) :wink: can get.


or not :

A nice compromizing performance by FB , who is next ? :sunglasses:


Instagram, also from Facebook, is very secure at the moment :wink:


500,000 Google+ users now

party goes on


NotPetya - a nation state attack that threatened global infrastructure, corporations, government and economies

Well worth a read:



Update to an earlier entry: