Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe



Let’s add this to the ever-increasing list of things that would have never happened on SAFE: the Chinese government’s censorship of WeChat communication sophisticatedly targets not just specific words, per se, but rather combinations of words. I guess people just have to resort to being “that guy” who sends strings of one-word texts…unless of course, those singular words also run afoul of “public sensibilities”…



I am guessing we should just Pin FB at the top of the list, because it comes up so often!! :smiley:


I reckon this thread is some of the best marketing the Safe Network (Sic!) :wink: can get.


or not :

A nice compromizing performance by FB , who is next ? :sunglasses:


Instagram, also from Facebook, is very secure at the moment :wink:


500,000 Google+ users now

party goes on


NotPetya - a nation state attack that threatened global infrastructure, corporations, government and economies

Well worth a read:



Update to an earlier entry:


Meanwhile in China:


Regarding to this, I recommend using virtual cards.
For example, Bank of America has that service it allows you to generate random numbers that becomes linked temporarily to your real account:

The Citi has the service for some of their credit cards:

And for those who aren’t customers of neither, you can use


Even the dark web gets hacked still:


Well, as long as they are server based typical attack vectors are no different to clearnet websites… They are still vulnerable to SQL injections, server misconfiguration, command injection and all the typical holes of webapps.
And the clients are still vunerable to typical browser fingerprinting techniques if they have JavaScript enabled (which it still is by default in the tor browser)

I am baffled when people blindly trust hidden services.


Yup, we need more than just the dark web to have anonimimty and security.


At least binary verification (SHA) of hosted files will be much less of a problem due to the immutability of files.



Android Police: [Update: It’s back] Nest is down for the second time in two weeks.

Safe will be great for IOT. No down time from dodgy servers.


Several applications implementing “Sign in with GitHub” have been found to be using a mutable identifier (username) to match external users to the internal user management system. This allows attackers to completely take over accounts whose GitHub username has changed.


The UN is implimenting a compact that various nations are signing onto to outlaw criticism of migration. Whether you are for or against migration (refugees, immigrants, are nationalist, , this should be concerning on a free speech level because regardless of what one may believe there cannot be democracy without freedom of speech and free discourse to disagree and debate an issue. Any time an issue made taboo and it is illegal to criticize a group or political ideology.

SAFE will ensure that the media, in this case the internet, remains free and open. And given that websites cannot simply be shut down by the government they cannot be controlled by such regulations and censorship. To put it bluntly we wouldn’t have government controlled media on SAFE, not even by international treaty. People might individually agree to use various filters, just like a great many use the same ad blockers, but they couldn’t be compelled by an authority to view or not view anything.