Things That Would Not Have Happened On Safe





I like this idea. I think it would be useful to point out to potential users of SAFE net, just how much of the web is broken and why. I watched this video yesterday:

Strangely enough, though I am not particularly techy, I became aware of the problem with Comodo certificates at the same time. 2011. I discovered fake Comodo certificates were being used along with packet-sniffing software to spy on Tor links between Jordan and Syria.
Since then I have never believed that privacy is possible on the net as we know it. The video points out just how easy it is to obtain dodgy certificates.
Yesterday evening I went to this meetup:

and I was able to talk directly to some of the developers from the SAFE network. I learnt that one of my pet hates, certificate authorities, will not exist on the SAFE network. I will have to look into the “trust model” of the SAFE network before I can speak about the new model proposed but the fact that the old model is so badly broken is reason enough to look for alternatives.

Maybe a document that helped “non-tech” users of the clearnet to preserve their privacy as much as possible on the current platform but with explanations of how SAFE will replace and improve on the “broken” bits and provide a whole new paradigm of trust and the opportunity to build a more resilient network would be useful. A network which is a “community” resource rather than a tool for the technocratic elites.

The Meetup was really interesting and I got a free beer and met some great people. I will certainly go to the next one which is penciled in for February. More meetups would attract more interest but more publicity needed beforehand. Not many people in attendance.


The Russians have been quite active recently:


FYI: in Belgium this signing seems to be a hot discussion point in the government: Migration Compact: Belgian government meets as fall of government looms. Maybe I have to go vote earlier than planned for a new government (voting is required over here) because of this. Although this reason to let the government fall is a lame excuse according to many.
Bannon, Le Pen Join Anti-UN Migration pact meeting in Flemish Parliament.
And here a link to the migration compact document.


The emperor has no clothes. Manufactured crisis? Wouldn’t have happened on SAFE!


The actual report by the DoD (redacted of course):


Neither 2016 US presidential candidate would have made it through the primaries.


No Security at all in some cases. Default passwords, no passwords… etc…

Remember this guy?

The only real financial damage he ever did was to force them to do a Security audit.

It’s embarrassing.

Some would say the most advanced, in appearance, organisations - and get ‘hacked’.


In SAFE scammers will not be able to buy pop ups…


China hacked HPE, IBM and then attacked clients - sources


It seems to be a whole industry, 15,000 Englishmen have been scamed by only one of the scammers companies involved last year… :frowning: And all this with just one pop up…


This attack is a masterpiece

Edit: I am adding the direct link to the published paper on the attack by Google and WhiteOps:


Marriott Case of Hacking just got worse!


Happy New Year Everyone :sparkler:



This one is as lame as scandalous


The restrictions in Venezuela affecting Venezuelans’ ability to communicate and access information during the previous 24 hours. The cause is believed to be an attempt to suppress a Wikipedia article that listed newly-appointed National Assembly president Juan Guaidó as “president number 51 of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”


Same thing is achieved by just passing request to a foreign (5 eyes or so) partner to end run due process.

US agency >> Germany | German request >> US company | Response>>Germany>>US agency.
total end run.