The New Website Revealed!


I like the new page!
Here my review:

Dude, where’s my blockchain?
No blockchain means endless scalability and instant transactions at network speed. Exactly what a global data network needs.

I would put a little more info here. That we have a better alternative or so. Most people are blockchain minded and when they find out it’s no blockchain, they might leave immediately not understanding we have something much better instead of nothing.

I’m missing PARSEC. It’s in the faq, but if it is really a big thing, I would expect it somewhere on the homepage and certainly on a detail page. People might be visiting the page just because of PARSEC.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Would be nice to have a big overview picture of the network. I think somewhere on the how-it-works page.

The safecoin page:
Personally I would list the safecoin facts(xxx+ TPS, 100% privat, ZERO transaction costs, instant!, etc.) as real selling points. For example big red characters, they must scream. Or put them kind of random on the page, fancifully. Maybe even compare the facts with some blockchain coins.
Now it looks so humble, you just read it without realizing it is the best coin out there.


In the browser download section it would be good to have an additional link to the Github repo Download for another OS


Quite a revelation.

Love the design. Edgy but tasteful. Playful but not whorish. There are these tiny little bits that keep you interested even if you don’t give a damn about the content, but they’re not overbearing.

I’m not in a critical mood at all, heh. Love it.


Excited to see this. My first and quickest response is I love the clarity and simplicity of the language used to describe everything - just what the “doctor” ordered!!! Well done indeed :slight_smile:


My son is a senior graphic designer and his first response was “Nice design!” :grinning:


I like the layout, but I am not convinced about the color palette.

This is to me too shocking, to me it is like suddenly seeing the iconic McDonald logo in green.

Is this an official shift on the corporate design?
What’s the color that will identify the project? Wasn’t it blue?


My first look at the new website was via my MacBook, using Safari. I have now looked at it using my iPhone.

It’s clear to me the designers have optimised the website for a great look via phones (and tablets) - which is how it should be as the younger generation access the net primarily by such devices.

It’s perfectly normal to have disagreements about design and colour scheme. No website design will ever get 100% approval. It’s also a matter of age. Those of us who are “older” are more likely to find the design “chaotic” as one poster commented, while younger followers may describe it as “exciting”.

I’m a grandfather and have watched graphic design ideas change over the years, personally I find the new website fresh, vibrant and definitely relevant to the younger generation - and the text is well thought-out and very clear, which is vitally important for a project of this nature.

My own view? I heartily approve.

Great job team :sunglasses:


The waves jangle my nerves.

The rest of it works.


Love your work and all the rest, but still there must be room for some criticism…
I personally like the fresh look, different from the sea of all-the-same crypto websites…BUT

3 different typefaces on the same page (including 1 serif…), NO NO! PLEASE!

This from an Architect, not a graphic designer, but with some knowledge about graphics…


Unfortunately, the website doesn’t look good on my laptop (1920x1080 at 150%). The structure is a bit of a mess. The overlapping ‘squares’ with images and text, don’t fit well together in this resolution. With the giant menu hovering at the top , and quite large fonts, and squares all over, it is difficult to get an overview or see the structure, which makes it hard to see at a glance what is important. It looks better in higher resolution or less scaling. Tested in Firefox, Opera, Edge, Chrome.

The top could be a bit more inviting and making safenetwork stand out. Now the elements look unconnected (in my resolution).

The menu looks a bit unconnected and weird.

I’d prefer a cleaner look (also regarding color palette and white balances in images), and not so many elements all over the place.


website looks like some cheap ico scam. sorry, just my honest opinion. keep it simple and uncluttered. should also stick with the maidsafe colors (light blue, white, etc). this looks like it belong to a whole different project. at least you guys got rid of the clunky scrolling effects from the original website.


Please put the team in the website. However great talk and website is, the ideas and delivery will come from the minds of people behind it


To be honest, my first reaction was that it looked like some amateurish 90’s website, but with modern tech, because of all the clutter and color choices. It only looks ok if I zoom out in the browser, but only at a certain zoom point, at all other zoom stages it looks wrong.

I was also surprised that they had skipped the light blue color scheme. Now there is no clear color palette. You see bright yellow, red-orange , blue-gray, bleak blue-, green- or red-tinted, light beige and gray images and backgrounds. The sea images have different white balances.

I am also not sure what the images are trying to convey. There are sea surfaces, stylistic flocks of birds, strange textures (fields?), and welding sparks (or something similar).

Sorry if I sound very harsh in my critique. As a former graphics designer I am probably over-sensitive to things like this.


Great new site, i really like the graphics on the front page reflecting (as others have noted) nature/natural systems.

The text/copy isn’t too shabby either.

“Dude, where’s my blockchain?”


Looking forward to seeing the final version.
Excellent job.


The “Always Free to Access” paragraph doesn’t end with a period like every other side-note.

In Firefox on desktop pc, clicking through the “Freedom | Security | Control | New Economy” bar, Freedom and Security look good, clicking Control seems to not fill the page enough so that the start of “Pay Once to Upload, Store Forever” shows on the page, and clicking New Economy has the bar covering the “Contribute Resources, Get Paid.” box.


The following paragraph in the FAQ section under “Where Can I Store MaidSafeCoin?” is duplicated in the very next paragraph:

“Although they may not be visible within all wallet software, your MaidSafeCoin will be OK there as long as your machine and private key for that address are secure. You will be able to view them using explorer by inserting that Bitcoin address into the search bar. However, you can also set up an Omniwallet account (a third party web wallet) which will enable you to view MaidSafeCoin within the wallet and to be able to transfer them to another address, or offline Bitcoin wallet.”


Omnichest forward to it might be a good idea to put a link directly


One of the duplicated paragraphs does indeed have the hyperlink for that address :sunglasses:


Hmmm on the MaidSafeCoin shows the following site, @maidsafe can you contact them to put the new site?


I’m sorry about the spam, but from the new site I just get goosebumps! I am very pleased! It’s perfect… the design is very modernistic… It is definitely different! :smiley: