The New Website Revealed!


Good spotting @scottefc86 - logged and passing to the team. Thanks


Look for the page that headlines with “Share resource, get paid” … resource s/b plural “resources”. They are sharing their resources.


Overall an outstanding job.


Thanks. Logged and passed to the team.


Found it! Thanks so much. Logged.


‘See How it Works’ – ‘how’ is a conjunction and so is ‘it’ – one is capitialised, the other not. Looks a bit strange.


‘Data Portability’ vs ‘Dude, where’s my blockchain?’ They seem to be the same level of header but have a different style.

‘One Password. For real this time’. – why is password capitalised and time not?

Personally I prefer all initial lower case apart from the first word - so ‘See how it works’… as you’ve have done with “All information is equal”. Keeps it simpler and cleaner.


it’s just amazing! Thank you! I will use it to fill the local bulgarian version with content


On the plus side, I really like the zaniness of the design and the nature graphics. It could do with a strong masthead to tie the whole thing together though.


Design eh? You ask 1,000 people their opinion and you get 1,000 different answers :slightly_smiling_face:


On the how it works page need an “at” deleting


I think much of the difference is how it looks on different devices and screen sizes.

I haven’t tried mobile yet, and I think some of the very positive feedback was for mobile. So I think it would be helpful if people edit their feedback posts to say what size device they used.

Here is the landing page on my tablet, single column, but to me still chaotic:


thanks @JPL all logged


Anyone else think the logo and SAFE NETWORK should be bigger on the heading?


Can’t take the time to cover it all right now, but I’M IMPRESSED!!

This site shows that we’re really moving into prime time. The feel and communication value are perfect.

Fabulous job, guys and gals!!!


@scottefc86 another one found! nicely done. thanks

The order of the subsections doesn’t make sense to me.

Browsing the SAFE Network
The First Autonomous Network
Self Authentication
Self Encryption
Data Chains

Not sure about those subsections. I’d have to think on that. But sticking with them for now I would structure it like this:

The First Autonomous Network (add something about the IoT, robotics, AI in there)
Browsing the SAFE Network
Self Authentication
Self Encryption
Data Chains


Thanks - logged for the team to review.


Really think the layout style and general feel of the site is awesome on my iPhone well done great job!


I like it a lot!

On Android and OSX desktop.

The design itself could almost be seen as a conceptual rendering of decentralisation! Celebrating difference, asymmetry, creativity, lack of obvious hierarchy etc etc.
Love the nature pics and graphics too.

But like decentralisation itself at first perhaps makes one disorientated and wish for the comfort of a little more order and hierarchy.

Personally my main concession to that would be a little more SAFE Network branding, perhaps with ‘Network’ not in caps to bring out the SAFE. Perhaps just a little bigger on the landing page, compared to the subtitle. Personally I’d like it if it just said ‘The New Internet’ too! The ‘We’re Building’ has slight connotations of another crypto project trying to hype itself. Though of course it is only right and true and therefore in keeping with the Maidsafe attitude so far to describe it as still being built!

Looking forward to the ‘learn’ section. It would be really nice to see a reasonably detailed map/diagrammatic representation of the network, with links at the key points to more info. There are so many concepts that will be new to people, and usually they are just represented in a list, would be nice to see them sort of mapped to each other if possible.

Apologies for no bullet points. Thanks to all for the excellent hard work!


Small thing, but I think that on scrolling down the page the background colour of the fixed nav bar (freedom - security - control - new economy) should change to match each new section as soon as the bottom of the bar enters the new section. At the moment the colour only changes once the whole of the nav bar is in the new section - so for a while it looks neither one nor the other. A confusing visual cue.

So here the nav bar should have a beige background not yellow, IMHO. (ignore the blue highlights)