The New Website Revealed!


My impression is that it was designed by a graphic design student who didn’t have experience with corporate design and brand identity.
What’s the brand style guide? It breaks completely from what we had so far, which is the white and light blue which is everywhere from existing marketing materials and every app we have on the SafeNetwork itself.

Unless it is a deliberate plan to rebrand it, inconsistencies like these feel amateurish.


I see “How is Safecoin valued?” Twice in FAQ. Loving the site though.


Simple answer from me: I think its okay for the most part, but the dehydrated pee color yellow is my only dislike :laughing: otherwise glad to see the website taking shape.


Not sure I’ve seen people bring up the term “experimental” instead of zany and such. I think originality is present, which is good, just needs to be fine-tuned. (Some people’s point about color-consistency with Maidsafe’s blues etc. might be worth looking into.) People might even see a need for a whole new direction; but I say if this is what has been started, might as well find a way to make it work. I do feel a bit disoriented—however, my brain is not focus-optimal (to say the least) lately (maybe contributed by this new exercise ball for computer chair, to say nothing about feelings of legit brain fog). I feel that someone with a clearer mind than me will eventually get used to the design. (I haven’t yet, but I can see “getting used to” being a true statement.)
[I haven’t seen it on mobile.]

Though, obviously, try the fine-tuning, to ensure the most is gotten out of people’s first impressions as well as second-third impressions. I can’t emphasize enough that with enough time, people reading it will be able to understand it more, and see all the sections as an extension of what is trying to be conveyed. Might be impossible to please all first impressions with the current direction, but can get closer. Though I wonder if my opinion even matters until I can get my fog sorted out/why I’m even typing this! Maybe for some reason…


When i click on the download link for the SAFE Browser(I’m using Mac) it gives me a linux version which i can’t run.


Isn’t that what the website is supposed to look like(the photos are not aligned on purpose)? I actually really like the new one! I’m using a 15" Macbook.


Hey @foreverjoyful, not sure about this weird behaviour. Can you please post in which browser and macOs version this happens.


Hey, sure, I actually tried again on Google Chrome and ti gave me the OSX version!!! So all good, but the browser that’s still giving me the linux version is Brave Browser.


I love the new website.

It will never be perfect and there will always be differences of opinion, but as long as it gets the message out there while also pleasant on the eye, I am happy.

I am also quite certain that this project will not fail on account of the choice of fonts.


Thanks @foreverjoyful, we will check this and get back.


Thanks everyone for taking the time to review the website. We will be going through these in the coming days and hope to fix any problems you find. Keep up the good work community and well done to the UX team!


Sure, also, I am still asked for an invitation token? Are we still doing that(please tell me no)?


Yeah, that’s why we need a link for people to download manually if they want. Brave is Chrome based but it doesn’t always act like Chrome. Also some people use fingerprinting blockers which can also throw automated browser detectors.


Can’t say NO :frowning_face: , we still follow invite token mechanism to register on SAFE Network.


Hey @David_MacGregor - thanks for spotting that.
Will get it sorted.


After taking half day break, I checked the web again. I must say the design is very bad. It is true, that I am biased and I really do not like Material design at all. But if the reason to use material design is to get broader attention, than why you did it on your own? There are tons of free templates, with awesome color schemes. Material design has some rules. Color combinations can’t be random. The goal of material design is to make the information clear and simple to read. What I see is chaos, there are multiple different fonts. Why? When I read it on my PC, fonts are huge and my eyes can’t focus on text. Color combinations and images are there to distrupt reading. You can purchase premade templates for few $. Check here how awesome can material design be(,, if you use correct color schemes and do not spread important information into chaos it can be really cool even that it is simple. I do not understand why to create custom design, if there are designes created by best profesionals on planet and can be easily reused for few bucks or even for free.


Site feedback: The font on the Q&A page is way too big on my desktop display. Makes it hard to read without regular scrolling.


Love your work Sarah :tada::tada::heart_eyes_cat:


9. Could the section “Dude, where’s my blockchain” include some reference to “datachains”?
This section clearly indicates that it’s not a blockchain, but doesn’t immediately (and clearly) indicate it’s technology that rivals blockchain.

So really, it simply says “we don’t use blockchain” because “it doesn’t scale”. Without the obvious “here’s how we do it” . The reader now has to dig for data chains. I also think the whole data chain story is too deep into the website, it needs to be right there to support “Dude, I don’t use blockchains”. If “blockchain” is the latest innovation that everyone is clamoring to adopt, ya better let the audience know - real quick - that you have something better, or they’ll dismiss all of this.
(Sorry if this point has already been made)

“Dude, where’s my blockchain?” T-shirts needed.


Hi guys! Finally here’s the website!! :tada: I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.
Sorry for answering late. I’ve explored the sneak peak and i’m quite happy with the result. Although imo there’s stll a huge room for making big steps in style and clarity in giving information as this will be probably an entry point for beginners

So here’s my feedback. I’ll tell you both what i like and what i think you could improve
Speaking for the desktop version

  • I like the structure of the website made of posters which allow to split some information from the main content and make them relevant.

  • I appreciate the infos that you put into the webpage but you need to give them a priority. I understand that there are so many infos to show but they’re too chaotic. To external eyes seems they’re all put together without an order and there’s too much text into a small space, like in the homepage (see the top-part, the middle and the bottom too many infos together). i.e Every box should have some free-space around so the viewer’s eye can focus on the text. Putting a box near another one is not a good choice.

  • The colors.
    Choosing many different colors is not a big mess imo. You can see orange, yellow, blue and white. Not bad. The problem imho is that you put them close to each other in a unique section. Especially in the home page, you can see there’s a mix of orange, white, yellow with an image. Too many colors together. I’ve seen many others websites choosing many colors for their page, but they are split like in sections. And this is good cause you can refer to each section through a different color.
    This website called Impossible Foods summarizes what i mean. You can see different colors mixed perfectly.

    Thus, choosing several colors gives freshness and energy to the page if they’re managed well.
    On the other hand, choosing the traditional colors of the brand (different shapes of blue) is another good option.

  • The images. Pictures are useful cause they grab the attention of the users. This website lacks of pictures. It would be awesome imo to transform the values of freedom, security, control into different images so users can have aesthetically an awesome representation in their mind.

Hope you appreciate the feedback, let me know what you think about. Just my 2 cents. Overall i think the website has solid basis to improve in style and content-recap. You’re doing a great job, keep working on it!