Proposal to redesign the maidsafe site to target non technical and ordinary people

I think the best approach is imagine to explain the project to a child. Thus, every single word has to be used carefully in order to build a simple and incisive explanation. No hard and technical terms; Focus on the problem that our society has and why the Safe Network represents the best solution, explaining its great potential

“If you are not able to explain it to a 6 years old child, it means you don’t know it”. Albert Einstein :wink:


The current site was specific to alpha 2 release and we will start work on a new site early in the new year. As has been noted in this thread there is a lot of things we need that we don’t currently have. We don’t communicate the technology in much breadth/depth and don’t put forward many of the networks features. We also need to make more for potential partners as well as helping our recruitment drive. We will confirm a timeline for the new site with our design/development partner and will provide progress via the dev update in due course.


I think the website is fine but could maybe use a white paper download button too and be longer in terms of fancy scrolling and content. Also it would be good to create another site for the Safe Network the link for which could be found on . Safe Network website could go into way more technical detail!

Oh and for goodness sakes if we are going to look at fancy crypto sites lets not post any substratum rubbish on here! Lets aim for the best and maybe we’ll come in top 10 in terms of design? We’ve got the best in terms of project already anyway. Check out for fancy design stuff!

There is way more stuff than just the white paper squirreled away too. This RFC listing is hugely impressive and detailed, but you have to dig deep to find it:

This is the sort of detail most projects would dream of!


I don’t doubt maid’s record, I might be wrong but I just think in terms of the main site, a lot of potential maid buyers will go on ctrl+f ‘white’ and when nothing comes up they might lose interest

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I don’t disagree, but I think the site should have the depth to expose as little or as much detail as is desired. People can then get a simple overview and deep dive when they get hooked. Right now, the detail is there, but finding it is a mission.


There is certainly no shortage of information the problem is quite a lot of it (including the white papers) is out of date or hard to find. Out-of-date info can be worse than no info at all, and organising the rest to make it accessible is easier said than done (a vital task nevertheless). In my opinion the current website is way better than the old one as it keeps things simple. It could do with a search box and/or some links to archived documents such as the white papers but as @nicklambert says above, it was designed specifically for Alpha 2. Glad to hear work is going on in the background on a more general purpose site.


Agreed, I’ve picked up on the project a few months ago, although i don’t think the website is poor in anyway, id like to see a larger presence (perhaps less technical) on social media. Maybe this is planned when for when the network has been further tested.


Hey guys, I just saw the international forum post and the link on there (note the extra S) has a website which actually looks much cooler than imo!


Joe, thats Maidsafe Solutions formerly Maidsafe Asia you can read more about it here.


It always makes my eyes roll when I read that Maidsafe ‘NEED’ to do XYZ.

When you boil it down, it’s because the OP wants to exponentially increase the value of their MAID stash, not necessarily to see the project succeed.

Does the Maidsafe team ‘NEED’ the value to be higher? or would this just introduce more pressure on the team and price swings on the trading platforms, since you will have new short term investors angry that their MAIDS aren’t consistently increasing in value and that there are still no dates.

This isn’t a P&D coin. The team is starting to engage in marketing now that they feel they are in a position to do so, not because they wanted a Lambo asap.


I disagree, the higher the market cap the more likely we are to succeed in terms of mass adoption. That’s why I preferred it when the price was lower but we were in the top 20 market caps. I think outsider opinion & criticism should always be welcome as sometimes when you are in too deep you don’t always see the larger picture from an outsider perspective. Feedback, suggestions, and even criticism should all be welcome


So Dogecoin at the moment has as much chance of mass adoption as a working Safecoin? Sorry couldn’t help myself :grinning:

I respectfully disagree though, mass adoption will come only if SAFE can disrupt the ‘system’ without compromise. I get your point about more eyes looking at the project, critiquing it and raising awareness but without a fully performing product for an unknown period of time how do you not damage the brand by overhyping and potentially over promising…whoops been down that road before haven’t we.

Despite being anti-marketing myself pre vaults/test Safecoin I agree that SAFE does need to find ways to attract more developers, but again it’s the promise with little to offer, atm and probably for the next while it remains so much easier and profitable to jump over to ethereum and develop yourself silly. That one’s a tough one.


Thisss. Basically an introduction which just says “NO BLOCK CHAIN, THIS SH*T IS SECURE AND SCALABLE” and then a large ass “I WANT TO KNOW MORE” button, leading to a page with a roadmap, whitepaper and an “I WANT TO KNOW EVEN MORE” button. (Do not take literally)

Because it seems like a huge amount of people really only want to view a very short optional video backed by a very short introductory text. Just to get the general feel of a project, to see whether it is worth any more time to read on…

Though obviously more information should be readily available and it would be nice if people were drawn to the forums at some point. Because I found myself using Google to find most any question I had about MaidSafe.

It’s hard to argue that nobody who has any interest in this project should want to inflate the price of the coin. But as a developer I can only imagine that a larger network for testing is always good, if only to determine priorities…


Nothing to hide, I want to be rich. And I hope this project can help me. The only way that can happen is for this project to be successful. With adoption the coin price will go up and I’ll be very happy. So the more people know about Safenet the better, they need to know it now! When it’s launched all of us will jump in and use.

But, explaining to people is the challenging part. Took myself several months to pick up the pieces.

Tell me, who in this forum doesn’t want more money?


Answer: D.Irvine :wink:


Hahahahaha. Will be interesting if he reply. I respect the man

He’s too modest. In about a decade there’s a fair chance several billion people will respect him just as you do :slight_smile:

I like your reply. Just a small hope that it’s either a few “months” or “years” rather than decade.

I do want more money. I am a software developer and I can not afford to buy a house, not even gas for a car. I just want to be able to afford a decent life for my family. But I want my fortune to be sustainable, and I want to do my part in this revolution.

I hear people talking about crypto all day, they all just want to make easy money. Nobody seems to understand that money has to come from somewhere. It’s as decent of a way to get rich as winning the lottery. People claim to know what they are investing in, but nobody really seems to understand the depth of these changes. So that is what it is in my eyes, a lottery to most people.

I’d rather make a living by developing applications for this network. At one point I found me punching myself for not creating Facebook when I was nine years old, because I know I was capable enough then. Not because I wanted to be rich, just because I wish I could have contributed something like that to the internet.

I’m still entirely unsure whether I am the worst of the best developers or the best of the worst, all I know is that I want to do my part. I’m not going to judge people for wanting an easy downpayment on their house, I just hope everyone can see that someone else is just going to pay for that in time, even if the crypto “bubble” never pops.

And yea, I think inflating the price right now would bite a lot of people in the ass, except for yourself of course.