Proposal to redesign the maidsafe site to target non technical and ordinary people

MaidSafe should redesign the site in order to target non technical people
there is very little information on about the network that ordinary people can understand
now look at the competitors sites
no wonder they’re becoming more popular


Their website tells the SAFEnetwork story very well, almost word for word but with changed terminology, and yet their offering is, if I understand it, far less capable and less developed.

They have though done very well in telling a story in a way that is very accessible and easy to follow.

The question for me then is what can MaidSafe say which these lookalikes cannot, in a way that is also easily understood?

I think there are plenty of things that could be said, but trying to say too much will be counter productive, so we also need to focus on key messages that the people we want to target will find most compelling.

It’s not clear to me what this means for the MaidSafe website, yet. I think it will help to answer these questions: who is it currently some at, what can we say, what should we leave out, and how can we best day this to the people concerned?


Great Idea @Marco_Polo and excellent points @happybeing !!!

Guys from the Substratum team have also been on many of the popular youtube Channels such as DataDash with 160k extremely loyal and active subscribers.

DataDash in his latest video expressed interest in getting to know some of Substratum’s competitors and I think would love to hear from a representative of Maid to have them on his show!

Would be great to further inform the host and his following. (Set them straight :wink: )


By curiosity I took a quick look on their website and I notice these statements:

Everyone who runs a Substratum Node gets paid via cryptocurrency each time they serve content

Anyone can host websites or applications using Substratum Host, paying network users to serve content

Everyone who runs a node gets paid in our cryptocurrency to forward content

When a Substratum Network member running a node forwards the hosted site to a visitor, they receive a Substrate payment from the host

But who is going to pay the nodes serving the content? This is not explained on the site and I only see the visitors. This is a totally different philosophy from Maidsafe and IMO this “Pay to Browse” principle isn’t going to work.

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One thing to point out, in a simple way, is that the SAFE network, unlike other cloned networks, substratum, is not based in blockchain, which is unsecure. Safe uses datachains, and is %100 secure, and FREE to browse, like the old internet.

Just some thoughts.


I agree to this. I think the website is too simple. It makes sense to me since i have been following the project for more than a year. Actually almost 2 years now. I can imagine someone with no knowledge trying to make sense of it. I can see the struggle.

The key success of the project will depend on adoption by the masses. If this is our objective then the target of communications should be that.

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TOTALLY agree! They are not doing the best job with marketing at the moment and designing for mass adoption

No they don’t. Not at all to the new people. Maybe to the people who understand it. It definitely needs improvement

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That’s crap. Sorry to be blunt but there’s a reason why such a potentially world changing project with all the codes and alpha released only has a 350 million market cap. With the technology they have and the time they’ve been around they could at least have had 100 million plus in funding and be over 1 billion in market cap. Especially with the recently inflated crypto economy.

Though with that said. I don’t really mind the marketing part as much before they even have the real network launched yet. But their marketing do need improvement, that’s for sure. Saying their website is perfect and tells the story well so the ordinary people can understand is definitely untrue. But I guess this is the same situation when bitcoin started. Not many people understood. But slowly people start to overtime. I’d still stress over the technology and the GUI more than the marketing. As I think this should be more about having a good project than having people want their tokens to go to the moon. With that said though, I do believe marketing will take care of itself once the core components are there and good.

Hmmm - the people I talked to who didn’t understand the safe network concept didn’t understand the other technologies either - if they were invested somewhere else it was pure greed in my opinion :wink:

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I think the Youtube Videos in particular do tell the story very well and I do not understand why people wouldn’t get the idea… And I couldn’t imagine any concept of telling a story easier than that

That said I am sure it is true and maidsafe needs to intensify their marketing efforts =)

But since they’re on it I am very curious for the things to come and I am sure they will get it right in the end :slight_smile:

Ps: I think helpful might be CEP submissions that target new angles maidsafe is not / that support maidsafes efforts :hugs:

Afaik, they are replicating the traditional model of hosters paying the network for requests served.

Edit: Presumably this means they will have the same security issues as traditional server hosting models, but with a huge additional attack vector (no network level firewall, etc). Data protection would be an issue here too.

It also means that data can easily be associated with a data/app owner and the hosting node owner. If there is anything someone or some authority doesn’t like, they will find you and shut you down.

Ofc, lots of reading between lines by me here, as obviously we don’t have much to go on.

  1. No blockchain.
  2. privacy, security and freedom, for everyone… forever.
  3. No blockchain.

For what it’s worth I happen to think the MaidSafe website is fine as it is. Things might flow a little easier for laymen if download links for the browser, web, and email apps come at the bottom of the page after the roadmap, while the description for the autonomous network is at the top. Either way all the information is there, it’s all a matter of preference on what is emphasized, ie. apps vs. background info.


By ‘they’, I think @happybeing was referring to ‘Substratum’, so I think you got the wrong impression from his post by thinking he was referring to the MaidSafe website.

Remember that MaidSafe have just hired a couple of people to start delving into the marketing side of things, and started to roll out the community engagement program, so action is being taken to improve marketing & communication. It’ll be great to see how the marketing develops, though of course the technology coming together is the real substance that will preceed rapid growth in awareness & usage.


I think I mostly agree with the OP.
The Maidsafe website front page talks to me, because I already learned many things from elsewhere.
I don’t think it emphasises on or even displays what the world changing Safe key concepts are.
Back then, what really made me understand what the safe project was about, is this youtube video :
The website could indroduce more of these concepts with simple words, and give a broader view of the idea. In this sense, I think that the substratum site is very well done indeed, and that the recent moves by Maidsafe towards more efforts in marketing and communication will be very welcome.

Now, what I disagree with, is comments pretending that market caps in cryptocurrency are a measure of popularity and adoption of the essence of a project.
The size of a coin tells us about how people think they will become rich by investing.
At best, it may give us a measure of how much speculators think a well designed marketing will draw more sheep and more money in.

Specially since maybe one year, I see a complete disconnection between the crytocurrencies monetary values and the intrinsic value of the projects.

My step brother bought BTC last month, he doesn’t even think he can use it outside of the exchange, or see why he would.
So what does the market size show us ? Adoption of the decentralized currency and the revolutionnary ideas behind it ? Or massive inflow of blind speculators ?

I for one appreciate a lot that Maidsafe doesn’t give way to the pressure of greedy masses, and focuses on delivering something sound and truely revolutionnary.


@foreverjoyful my comments you quoted were referring to the substratum website so I think you must my meaning. Sorry I wasn’t clearer! :slight_smile:

@Harvindar I think it’s too early to target the masses. That will be more effective when we have something that is slick and ready for mass adoption. In the mean time we have other targets, developers for one, but I am interested to hear more from MaidSafe on that.


Interesting thread! The problem is that it is very difficult as a initiated to have a clear picture of what a newcomer understand or like/dislike with the current site. I propose that you talk to one person in your family/friends and let them use the site. Sit beside them and ask questions like What do you see? What do you think that means? and Would you like to use maidsafecoin-maid-price-trading-topic when it launches? Why or why not?
Take notes an post. Then we will have a good start for what to change with the site.

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I see your point. Maybe have a plan. Possibly at Alpha 4. And the early stages there will be learnings to improve what needs to be done.

I will never contribute to developing anything technical since i am not technical. But when I discovered Maidsafe (thanks to someone) I instantly saw so much of the wrong that it wants to right. That alone i have benefited a lot.

If i can see then many more will see it too :blush:

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Yep all good. Although the fact that we can’t describe our website the way you described substratum’s definitely means there are somethings we can improve on

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