Proposal: community takeover on MaidSafe social channels

So friends,

the proposal is to create community teams to work on the MaidSafe social channels: Medium, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter.

Of course, the whole community can offer relevant things to post. But maybe only 3 people to have direct access to the channels (posting).

Please discuss :slight_smile:


As always, I’m amazed by the commitment of the MaidSafe team and the heart of this community. It’s beyond wonderful to hear how well this raise went! Delivering a working product is the absolute right first priority. From that completed objective, all other success flows.

Given that more funds were raised than planned, I’m hoping that funding will not only carry product development through to beta and revenue generation, but that some capital will also be allocated to business development and marketing initiatives down the road. For when the SAFE Network is ready, I’m more than willing to volunteer to help define marketing strategy, and at no cost. We all succeed together.

In the interim, if MaidSAFE needs someone to keep the twitter feeds going, I’m also happy to volunteer as tribute for that.


@Sotros25 I might take you up on that actually. I think the more integrated we get with the community the better. It is clear your input is very well delivered and I think, like the community-run forum, we can expand that. Let’s look further into this over the next few weeks. My gut says this is a sound move.


Maybe we can create separate community teams to work on social MaidSafe channels: Medium, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter.

For example, posting a topic in the forum for each channel and see if there are people willing to coordinate and to write content for them?


Yes, it’s all about the people, maidsafe, this community and then the general public. Maidsafe started the conversations, if the community expand that further (they already do a lot) then we can make this whisper a global conversation. That is where we need to get to. So makes sense we take this route, there will be hassle, scammers, trolls etc. The road is not smooth, but the prize is huge, so worth the bumps.

Also, decentralise :wink:


wow, I like where this is going. Thanks @Sotros25 and @Dimitar for jumping into the fray … I’ll put my hand up as well, but don’t know what I could do that’d be too useful, maybe some video stuff, editing or what have you. I can also do some graphics work - I use gimp a lot. I don’t have a lot of time, but can do small jobs on a regular basis.


I think that’s a great idea @Sotros25 @Dimitar Community must help the team and do what it has not time to spend onto. If you need help in coordinating communities on Twitter or other socials I‘d love to give my contribution


I believe I have already thanked @Sotros25 and @Dimitar privately, but again: Thank you both so much for your work!

I may not be so good at social networking, but I am a bit pedantic by nature, and although English is not my first language, I’d be happy to help out proofreading articles or posts. I’m absolutely no authority, but I guess the more eyes the better.


Ditto here. English major with a pretty good eye for spelling and grammar bloopers.


That’s good to know! You really can be a bit of an authority then. I’m happy if I can just be a useful errand boy. Or maybe a cow_boy. :cowboy_hat_face:


So, we already know whose photo the media will use as they begin to propagandize that the network is being used by terrorists… :wink:


Seriously, you may be right. Should I take that down?
EDIT: Ping, @moderators
EDIT 2: The guns are perfectly legal hunting weapons, @Dimitar .
EDIT 3: Image removed. It was thoughtless of me. Sorry about that, folks.


it doesn’t matter, even if they don’t use this picture, they will invent one with real terrorists … One must not live in fear. Of course, if you don’t have a weapon permit … :slight_smile:


Great, just say when!

All of the above sounds incredibly useful. As a quick thought, I think one or two targeted 2-3 min videos in support of Fleming would be great near term targets that hopefully wouldn’t be too time consuming to develop.

That would be great for ensuring correctness and consistency. Same to you, @VaCrunch.

This would be fantastic. I think that there’s a huge opportunity to start fanning more engaged communication within and across different platforms. How can we show, welcome others into, and expand this vibrant conversation we have going on here?

It would be great if community members would volunteer to take the lead on specific platforms as well, then we can assemble to ensure that efforts are coordinated and additive. :smile:


I’m still a moderator on SAFE Network Reddit and happy to continue as there’s not much to do there ATM.


Nice one Mark. I reckon we can build community participation now. If we don’t have a fallback (no maidsafe to rely on) then it may make folk feel better. I mean nobody will feel like they are stepping on toes. I know @Cgray @dugcampbell and @SarahPentland would love to see that and see the community still building after all their hard work (what a legacy). The community takes a lot of barriers away, we can be more free in many ways I reckon.


Another channel we need to fix is medium and meetups. I am not convinced on any of these. I am not keen on promoting lock-in and I feel any benefit is like buying cheap clothes you know are made by impoverished children. We must stand with strong morals here and not give in to bad business. That’s my thought, but this is a community and this is a community proposal, so just my $0.02


I agree, although it’s a fine line - for example I’m no longer on Facebook but still use twitter of course. My problem with medium now is they are already building the wall and pushing people to sign in which I will never do. So I seldom visit or share medium links.

I’m increasingly concerned about GitHub, but recognise it is more positive for the project for now.

Returning to medium, even a wordpress hosted blog is better in this respect, though not in others. Obvs medium has reach, but I think that will always come at a price. So maybe we need to find other ways of generating that.

I’d suggest dWeb Blog as it will be easy to maintain across clearweb and SAFE, but it is a bit basic (styles, no post preview, needs social cards fixing for twitter/Facebook preview etc) and could do with some love that I don’t have time for, so not sure about that. It isn’t a lot of work, so could be a nice little project for somebody or maybe a few hours for a contractor fluent in React.

Same reservations about I did see a decentralised (I think) alternative recently, but obviously the value is in its monopoly of the space. Worth monitoring though as there was some pushback when they floated charging people to sign up for events recently. I guess we could just use a different platform to manage the events and direct people there from other places.


Yes, nice one. That is a great idea to start the crossover posts :+1:


All for community involvement but I think once things are prepped for whats getting posted a quick email should be shot over to David to ensure consistency of message and just the general approval of it. Hopefully a quick yea or no from him once a week on the 3-4 things that are wanted to be posted that week at different days would be good.