Proposal: community takeover on MaidSafe social channels

Is this energy best spent promoting the Maidsafe brand? I think it’s a perfect opportunity for the community to push awareness through the Safe Network name and branding, much in the fashion of @dimitar and @happybeing’s work.

If people like the idea of collaborating we could bring back the pods and have Safe Network US/Europe community groups working together to create content. @whiteoutmashups could certainly help anyone interested as, if I remember, he put a lot of work into a regional marketing groups idea.

There’s also a lot than can be done individually too, of course. Word of mouth, liking, retweeting, commenting, and generally getting involved here, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram etc. Making wallpapers, images, GIFs, etc keeping the media, exchanges and crypto community aware of developments. It all makes a difference, and could be very powerful given enough participated.

I also think it’s important to keep the Maidsafe social media accounts active, though. Twitter mainly as it seems to have the most interaction. And I also think @Sotros25 is an excellent person to keep them going.


To clarify, I was suggesting using dWeb Blog to create a SAFE Network blog as a replacement for using medium, rather than but not ruling anything out either. Whatever works.


I’m beginning to see the need for an “office manager” anyway, even if there’s no office anymore. :smiley:


Nah, the 5 mins it takes for him to thumbs up some content does not constitute a ft position. I would rather no oversight be applied at that point, I trust our community members to post things quality anyways. As far as managing payroll of a small team and such it should be pretty automated without him having to do much besides make adjustments on salary increases or bonuses over time.

I liked the ‘manager’ post because I think if people are to join together and do stuff it needs somebody to coordinate and help maintain their activities. If not, people tend to get distracted and forget their well meant offers and commitments.


Right, I think with a small team size that job sits on David tbh. Ideally I would want no hierarchy while the network is incomplete, just a bunch of engineers on a level playing field all bringing their opinions and ideas to the table to finish this network where no one is afraid to voice their opinions. But someone has the play the oversight and gatekeeper role so it falls on him. Hopefully he takes the role very seriously and tries to not be biased.

I have been thinking this exact thing Since I heard the news. You took the words right out of my mouth.

My suggestion (as a first) would be setting up a private access forum (you don’t want everything you do public) perhaps the mods @frabrunelle can assist here, if not there are other mediums. Inviting all those interested in marketing (doers, not just thinkers or talkers). Everybody states their level of interest, how much experience they have, any relevant qualifications, what they would prefer to work on and how much time they can dedicate.

Teams can then be organised, leaders as you say set and the work can commence.

Personally I am interested in all forms of marketing, mainly though strategy, articles, copywriting, reddit (IMHO so underutilised yet so powerful in this space), humour, memes, podcast, video and viral. I’ve ran many sites and blogs in the past and have had to do my own marketing and so I’m not officially qualified in any field of marketing yet I have years of experience in many digital marketing and operations areas as well as some offline.

I also think we can better utilise freelancers and more affordable teams in places like the Philippines, Indonesia etc where labour is far more affordable.


Use a news style blog to push news out and things like Hackernoon and even Medium can continue to be used as crumbs (linking, seo, traffic) Medium doesn’t need to be gotten rid of, the odd post for those reasons above is still part of good strstegy.
Safe news or some such thing as its own dedicated website similar to how Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own news websites.
Great for SEO and viral approach.
Some of the articles can be purely for SEO some can be for readers, how to and info guides and some for purely viral traffic effects.

I’ll put my hand up to start this place, happy to invest my own time and money, my only catch is that if I want to monetise it in the future I have that freedom which I assume is OK. In fact I was thinking about doing this the other day anyway which is why I asked the question in a separate thread.

I’d be happy to donate a percentage of profits to a non profit Maid foundation if it ever gets to that.

Speaking of which I think it’s high time Maid did that, created a donation wallet and a foundation.


I agree the technical side is David’s responsibility. I was referring to coordinating any community effort, which we want to have minimal impact on the core team, and which I think will need some ‘management’.


There is a foundation already I think.

absolutely. Coordination (and friendly reminding) will be required - speaking for myself at least.


If there is scripting assistance, then that’s possible - I’m not an exceptional marketing writer, but can edit well enough. I’d also need all the intro outro stuff that has been created/used on official videos thus far - I could hack it off existing videos on youtube I guess, but originals would be nice if possible. @happybeing - we will need a review panel for stuff to go onto official channels I think.


There might be a good opportunity to let the community run different social media channels.

But one thing I feel is very important is that there is a strategy, plan for the different channels. With for example twitter I want there to be a policy on what to post, because it is very importsnt that it represent what Maidsafe want to achieve and what it want to cummunicate to an audience.

For example there could be a policy that Twitter posts should focus on following in an order of importance:

New upgrades to the SAFE network development.

Reminder of dev updates.

News concerning Maidsafe, SAFE-network.

Maidsafe, SAFE Network mentioned in media.

General posts about internet data security and breaches of privacy, hacked servers, and so on.

I would like to also see more statistics similar to Dimitars marketing campaign, to meassure growth rate and such and how it changes for different social media channels every 3-6-12 months. So that we know how well the marketing works.

Above is just some quick thoughts and it would be much more time to come up with something that could be used.
I have done several courses in Marketing/Digital marketing, administrative organisation and so on. My strenght is not social media and I don’t personally spend much time on social media. My knowlege is more of marketing strategy/managing and analysis.


I thought of making a video archive in all websites that host video. like peertube and dtube and bitchute but I am an easy quiter and stopped at some point… anyone interesting to gather all videos and make channels with all resources and make playlist of all subjects?


Ah I see what you mean. My stance is a bit different. Taking a step back I see things started in 2015-2016 in earnest, its about 2020 now so I rather just see MaidSafe prove this thing can be built and deliver it fully before anything else.

If the community wants to market, or help out on the side thats great, but would be a shame if MaidSafe can’t reach a finish line with the extra injection the just received(and honestly its disappointing the first funding round didn’t deliver a network, mistakes were made and thats okay and normal in the world of humans). IMO if something can’t be done with the latest injection, the torch should be passed to a non crypto project like solid and efforts be shifted over there. Tough love and I want this project to succeed but a line in the sand has to be drawn too. A year is a long time, 5 years an eternity. Hoping for the best this next year.

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Although in 2015-2016, there was still a major element of research so earnest then and now have different directions. 2015-2016 the earnest goal was to find the solutions to make it work. 2019-2020 the earnest goal is final product.


I think David needs to focus on how the team and the different parts progress, business/company management and so on. David should not need to be invold in day to day marketing decisions. As i have expand on in my previous post, with a good policy on what to post and focus on there should be no need to distract David from what he needs to focus on other than maybe some limited occasions.


Based on what I read above in comments – we can get an idea for a general marketing workflow like this:


People could overlap groups as abilities and time allows. Each group could have their own communication & development space.

Marketing team writes up the prose and graphics specifications
Creative team builds it
Review team analyzes it and punts it forward or back
Social media handlers post it as appropriate for their media.

I know, I’m being overly pedantic … so take what you want from it or not, I’m just an organizer by nature.


Early on marketing/creative/review can be handled by by a small community team with Maidsafe, but as we approach later betas and launch then some outsourcing would be advisable.


Respect your opinion, but there are lots of things, not just technical, that would never have been created with this attitude.

Solid is not helped or hindered by the failure of this endeavour, so I don’t understand the value of that reference. Together, both projects offer more than they can alone (in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:).

Cathedrals took hundreds of years to build. Have you ever visited one of those? I’m not a religious person, but I’m glad they were built, and I enjoy what they teach me about our ability to create things bigger than most people can imagine are possible.

I think many scientific discoveries took a lifetime or more.

There are many things that we create over a long period, and some things we try for that fail. Nobody really knows when the time to give up is, and it’s up to those doing to decide.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


Well yeah agree if we are looking outside of technology startups its easy to point out many things that especially in ancient times were marvels to make, even more so due to lack of tooling and machinery. I view this project like any other tech startup. For example, Facebook. It was created and functional long before a community revolved around it or it was advertised. I think ground 0 here has to be a working network that devs and security experts confirm is secure. Then usability(we have Jim to try and coordinate this in parallel luckily), community apps, and finally marketing all comes into play.

If we had unlimited funding and there was no doubt in what was left to do in the entirety of network development(meaning a month or less to a full product) then I would totally attack at all angles much like MaidSafe has been doing.

Appreciate all you have been building around the Safe network and such, I just want to ensure we will have what those poc apps rely on being rock solid and available asap.

Also fine w community driving talks or presentations or meetups or managing social media, but I wanna see the MaidSafe team 100% engineering with 0 distractions for at least for the next year. Would you manage things alternatively under these circumstances? Maybe my young naive narrow dev mind can’t get past the thought if we don’t get a killer network(first) then nothing else matters :joy:.

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