Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


The consensus mechanism the world deserves… put that tweet, others like it and some recent snapshots and videos of privacy issues in the news, face book etc… to the dark night theme tune and you will have a winning promo.

Anyone got the media skills?

Is it asking too much to have it ready by Thursday?




Blockchain markets tumble…

As the SafeNetwork announces that they are on the home straight!!
People found celebrating accross the globe.





Hey guys & gals its thursday here and I am about to go off to sleep. I still have to wait 30 hours to see the news. :frowning:

I am going to be the killjoy here and say Please don’t go into over expectation and be prepared for any announcement to not meet your expectations. By the sounds of it, it is BIG, so I am suggesting caution in your expectations.

Heres to the big announcement :tada::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Can somebody explain asynchronous consensus and why it matters? I find it hard to wrap my head around it


Agreement of several nodes/computers who are all sending and receiving messages at wildly different times. Async means there is no stopping to agree one thing at a time, everyone keeps messaging/voting at their fastest speed. Consensus/agreement will happen when the slowest of the required nodes vote.

Plenty info coming on how and why over the next wee while.


Status : agog

Silvio Micali IMHO is a genius, almost fit to be mentioned in the same breath as @dirvine
Scotcoin looked at Algorand but were convinced by others that the technology was too immature at that time (about a year ago). Our pluggable solution means we are free to adopt it later when mature. Will we discover tomorrow that Maidsafe have aged it well?


To dayyyy, is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you…

[altogether now]
By nowww…


I was just listening to some classic Oasis on my sunny commute! :sunglasses:

It’s going to be a good day! :slight_smile:


What time does the update come out GMT? Probably my Friday morning


Around 8pm uk time usually but sometimes before and sometimes after a couple hours either way


Im as about excited as the crowd on Oprah when she announces everybody gets a free car.:grinning:

A free Internet…Yes please!!



I just… can’t control myself…


My brain is on speculation overload… what else could be announced?
A big linux distro is colaborating to create the first real distributed OS ?
A large company with a big open and healthy attitude to open source project is donating a workforce?
Acceptance on massive exchanges?

My heart will explode…


Can’t resist to speculate a bit… :smiley:

We’ve tested Vaults from home didn’t we? And with probably a bunch of complexity removed from Routing… Why a whole Alpha 3 network to test just Routing? Wouldn’t it be extra work to remove the Vault-layer and test only Routing? I’ll give it a 50% chance they’ll merge Alpha 3 & 4. If not than the one-step-at-the-time approach is probably better. But we’ll see :sunglasses:.


Lots of work carried out by superstar @mav also. oh jeeez… so exciting.


Your excitement is contagious. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about all those other points, but I bet the coming (main) announcement will at least get some heads turning and give MaidSafe (more) recognition for not only trying/wanting te be revolutionary, but actually being revolutionary (if they weren’t already). My only hope is that it’ll be big enough for the nay-sayers and the sceptics to say: “hot darn, I underestimated these guys”


If that is the case I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight without some scottish destilled fluids. :slight_smile:


What it looks like for me is the routing team has developed a consensus mechanism that allows verifying tx and timestamps in a asynchronous way, and it will be the datachain that connects all the different sections and ensures the integrity of the whole system. Just my guess


I want to be able to drag workmates in to the bar after work… hope the update is released before the end of the working day…


ps: I’m not sure if this twitter account is from MaidSafe or a MaidSafe employee.