Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


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I can actually sense a finger hovering over the “release update” button…


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My calculations say, the team would give a rough deadline today (or within few weeks). Expecting beta with 6.months and full network within 1 year. Lets see how correct the analysis is.


… I’m warming up my trigger finger… I’m going to get that top first post on this historic Thursday night update!!!

Edit: unless the update reduces me to a pile of jelly. My knees are already starting to wobble.



I guess that most work needs to be done in Crust before we’ll see the next testnet. This is the layer where computers connect over the IP-protocol. Here are the last updates:


Have a look here for more info and the code.

Former testnets all worked with the TCP-protocol which is reliable but not as fast as you want for P2P. MaidSafe is now working on the µTP-protocol.

Another interesting quote came from David:

So no need to register on the forum and use a link etc. Alpha 3 will be open to all who want to test :+1:



I cannot see any mechanism to prevent spamming of the network (add account fill er up mate again and again and again and again and …)


Agree. Run a Vault could be permissionless. But, without safecoin to prevent spamming, I do not see another possibility but to control the number of users (unless Maidsafe could afford to spend a large amount of money on hosting).


I was under the impression that we will not be able to upload data to Alpha 3.


How do you test routing etc. The vaults will be run by maidsafe. Also the comment applied to alpha 4 too.


The big thing about PARSEC was it took the unknowns out of the equation. And they’ve largely worked out all the rest so it’s mostly just fitting all the pieces together and nip, tuck and smooth it all out. But it really would be nice to have a SAFE network for Christmas or earlier. I’m so sick of all the censorship on classic clear net.


According to github work in the crust is now beeing done. I assume that this is the implementation of PARSEC that is ongoing?


No, sorry, that is just Crust, it’s getting a lot of attention from that team. Parsec will be done by the routing team in its own repo, currently work being speced out there.


Since PARSEC is nearly fully coded It’s possible the team will bring with it node ageing. Seems somewhat trivial to add to A3. If adjustments need to be made it’ll just be a part of what already needs to be done for eventual beta. No slow down from here. Just tweaks that will naturally come anyway. :v: