Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Not at all the case, Lotsa developer chatter in the various booths with Hyperledger and Microsoft leading plus the$80,000.00 in prizes for the Consensus 2018 Hackathon.


Oh, yes! I’m about to lose control, and I think I like it. :smile:


are we dead-sure the news it’s coming today? or did they make a mistake and actually mean thursday? i’m really pulling out my hair over here… i cant hold out much longer :persevere:


Maybe we should ask for timescales? :hear_no_evil:


Forum numbers and page refreshes must be going through the roof.


Yesterday I saw a tweet from Maidsafe stating something about tomorrow, but now I can’t find that tweet and it’s got me wondering if it was made in error.

Or I’m just missing the tweet.


The news are not that relevant its only a cooperation with google :grin: joke


This one?


Why? What’s going on here today ? What news you are all talking about?

@Nigel Link is not working or is that intended? :slight_smile:


So strange I can’t see that one.




Where is the duck or goose tweet?? cant find it


The Twitter scammers had a bunch of ETH giveaway tweets attached to it masquerading as MAIDSAFE.

I suspect it has something to do with the missing parts.

Scrap that… I still see it.


That would be the one!


blockchainers are a wee bit like the pointer sisters …
because only pointers to data (rather than the data itself)
can realistically be stored in a blockchain. :wink: :smiley:


Weird! It works for me but I can’t see the full thread. Sorry guys.


We don’t need to bother the folks working. We just have to all sit here and be good little SAFE Network stalkers. :wink:


Routing in the dev updates over the last few weeks. Read from top to bottom for chronological order.






These ones are the most interesting IMO:

This work is looking at node added/lost, section split, merge, chain management and purging as well as secure message transfer (inter section messaging).

So on to the good parts, this ordering consensus algorithm for intra section membership changes is nice and modular as well as mathematically proven. This means less code, less testnets (many testnets were to find all the rules regarding order, which have grown in complexity (although works)).

But we’ll see on Thursday. It is great news though, and if you read the last few quoted lines you probably understand why this news is bigger than Alpha 3.


Another interesting part of the dev updates: