Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


But did you do it by accident?


I didn’t want to share the credit, it was actually my cat walking on the keyboard. Is that accident, luck or fate ?

  • Alpha 2 will be release this week
  • Alpha 2 won’t be release this week

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I’d say not this week, but if anything, another test will be released this week and that could become alpha2


18b with the newly redecorated all singing all dancing Web hosting manager tomorrow?


What’s new @polpolrene?


Lot of stuff going on in these repo’s:


thanks! do you think alpha 2 is this week?


I really have no idea, I would say no. Think we’ll see TEST 18b first. Which will become Alpha 2. But really don’t know.


I don’t believe Alpha 2 (or any alpha) will be ‘released’, the process I understand is that once a test network works as required, it will ‘become’ alpha X. So we can expect another test because we know there were bugs fixed which need to be checked out by the community.

So I think quite likely there will be a new test this week or next, and if that works ok we might have alpha 2 two to four weeks after (or if not another test and so on).


I think this quote is significant from 4 days ago. And as @happybeing says it will be a testnet first


Still I think it’ll be an interesting fall and winter.


Am I right in thinking it is likely we get a new testversion tomorrow and that if all goes well that could morph into alpha 2 over coming weeks?

Does anyone think tomorrow is too soon for the next test iteration?


I think David indicated he thought it’d be a week or two, so it could easily be at least another week before all of the issues they wanted to address are solved.

I’d be surprised if it were ready for tomorrow, but you never know!


However this week I’ll probably be harvesting my potatoes! :smile: Literal farming to fill the time between waiting for the next step towards the metaphorical kind.


60:40 new test network this week or next IMO. I’m seeing some version changes which are sometimes a good omen. :wink:


I just harvested tats, beans, beetroot and corn to go with our chicken for dinner. We had all-home-grown gazpacho for lunch /shameless brag :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Decentralised farming FTW!


I wish I could get a dollar for every time I hear this suggested.


I think this quote is significant from 7 days ago. And as @happybeing says it will be a testnet first


Can someone explain how the next testnet turns into Alpha2. I’m thinking from a marketing perspective, the noise will be around Alpha 2 not another testnet version