Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Technically. It just remains running and called alpha2. There may or may not be a reset of the data/vaults.

Promotion: why not just announce it when its decided that it will be alpha 2.


I guess I’m trying to understand why someone makes the call that we are at Alpha 2. Why not call testnet 18b (or whatever). Alpha 2.? Is it just bedding down the next testnet a bit more?


System URI arrived at version 0.2


Some links for the SAFE Browser are moved to (Amazon Web Services) AWS as well.

And there’s more




I would guess TEST 18b today.


If the next testnet is sufficiently bug free then it can remain running as alpha 2, but if a problem occurs that stops it from being able to run a long time or it fails one of the alpha 2 goals then more bug fixing and test again.


Love it!
Our SE Asian node in the DFN (Decentralised Farm Network) will have Tamarind, Sugar Apples, Gac, Inca Star peanuts, Papaya, Mango, Dragon Fruit and other fruits and veggies in season.
Too bad the SAFE network can’t transfer edibles as easily as data!


5 days is a long time with nobody posting something here. :wink:

**EDIT: Had to add this -


Looks like there is some work in the gossip protocol that was mentioned in last weeks update by @michaelsproul just want to tag @mav as he showed some interest in this last week though you may already have this link. Edit: went back it was the swarming mechanism in the accumulator that was of interest.


Are all bugs knocked down? Testnet 19…


These positions scream big things are around the corner.


Ok, today’s football matches are finished: Belgium won with 9-0 (a pity the 10th didn’t fall) and the Netherlands lost with 0-4 :wink:
That was a nice distraction for waiting, I’m ready for the weekly update now.

Some sporting match discussion



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Some C code again:


Just saw these, who is m-cat? :smiley: marcin??


Alpha 2 will be release today?

  • yes!!!
  • no

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Cheeky vote there Mr Irvine :wink:


so that will be a no then… lol


Maybe he wants us to believe there is no Alpha 2, but there is one :joy:


The Yes’s win, so it just has to happen.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No from Mr Irvine… So have to wait for next vote.