Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I guess 1 iteration before we’ll see Alpha 2. That’s a good thing though, they’re listening to the community and are making things more userfriendly.

Routing arrived at version 0.32


I guess 40% yes - 60% no but I’ve not been doing very well with predictions :slight_smile:

Depends if they are content that the network layer is sound, which might be the case, and are just tweaking the examples now. But I think they’ve made API enhancements, so quite likely they want to expose them to us lot first.


10% yes, 90% no this week; 50/50 next week. That’s what the tealeaves are telling me anyway.


SAFE Vault proposed to go to 0.16.0


Crust, routing and now safe_vault, this is a sure sign that next network is near.


Might have to change my brand of tea…


I feel like its gonna be today


Save state to network for [MAID-2121] #96


Test 18 today, 21.5 if you count in Scottish :wink:
Alpha 2 to follow shortly. That’s what my cup of T says.


I would say TEST 17b as there are no new features.


I think there are additions to the API, but an not sure if that counts as new features in the this context… Oh the waiting!


It all doesn’t matter anyway, I just coded safenetwork 20.0 in visual basic 6 :wink:


old news: 0.16.1 it is :smile:


thats soon going to become old news itself. Another patch change is mins away


Go easy on poor @polpolrene guys :blush:


The feature I am looking forward to the most (i think it might be possible to some cool stuff with it as well being useful for development)



Building up to another SAFE Midnight Special :last_quarter_moon_with_face:? *

GMT/GMT+1 only. See also SAFE Breakfast-Becomes-Brunch (AU) :pancakes:; SAFE Let’s Stay Out** All Night :beers:(IND; RU, Mos); SAFE Morning Glory - NSFW!:open_mouth: (CHI); SAFE Late Lunch :fork_and_knife:(PST); SAFE Drivetime Surprise :red_car: (EST)

**In; SAFE Devs


I agree, I’ve sorely missed being able to use the new API from the localhost. Having to re-upload (also when using mock routing) the site after every change is a pain, so thank you @joshuef for this!


Docs have been updated

Lots of changes to nfs, a lot easier to use now