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Lightning currently has a maximum throughput of 25 million transactions per second

Bitcoin for billions, not billionaires.


I think technically, any cryptocurrency could get those same results if they used a layer 2 equivalent of Lightning payment channels which are basically just a multi-sig address shared between a couple (or several?) people that fund that channel and all channels are somehow cryptographically linked. Any changes to accounting between them aren’t settled on chain until after the payment channel is closed.
So just signatures of accounting.

I also wonder if that number is also due to the size in which the Lightning Network has now grown. The total current network size TPS. I think Lightning Network is really neat and technically Safe Network could do that too. Maybe this is somewhat considered for batching DBC’s @dirvine? Not sure how that’s planned to work but just basic multi-sig shares accounting until settlement on network pretty much means your only speed limits are BLS, network size, latency, and light?

Lightning Network payments are likened to 6th degrees of separation where all Lightning Network users will be able to pay all other Lightning Network users either directly, or through one or several forwarding users.

Decent resources
Understanding the Lightning Network, Part 1: Building a Bidirectional Bitcoin Payment Channel - Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides there is also a Part 2 & 3.


As I understand, the Lightning need “guaranteed 24 hours on-line full node” to prevent missing Tx.

It means, it is some kinds of small banking network. But at the first, blockchain dont have anonymous so, even they can reach 100 billion Tx/s, it is still not useful for digital innovation. Just good and fast money transfer network ?


PulseChain sacrifice phase starts tomorrow. This is the biggest vampire attack against ETH we’ve had - all smart contracts and tokens will be copied.

Richard Heart has proven for the last year and a half that he knows how to play the crypto game - Hex is the number 3 cryptocurrency already so I expect Pulse to make a few hundred X as well, if someone is looking for a risky way to make more money to buy more MAID…

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Ok, your HEX pump convinced me to try to follow PulseChain. Do you know when and how will be possible to buy that PulseChain coin? I do not have ETH, nor erc20 tokens, so my only possible entry is to buy at some point.

Edit: I am not wiling to play sacrifice phase game. But I am willing to buy a dip once eth holders claim and dump their coins.

FWIW, I don’t really know what to expect with Pulsechain. I believe, as I understand it, each “copy” of ERC token will trade independently on Pulsechain, and will not be a 1:1 fiat value with the ETH chain (although, they have said there will be cross chain trading pairs, and initially you’ll get a 1:1 coin airdrop). Add to that, the Pulsechain version of ETH will be heavily diluted, as there will be something like 10,000x more Pulse ETH than there is regular ETH.

I do have some ERC20 tokens, and I will try to see what I can do with them, but I’m also not doing the sacrifice thing. I may just convert all those airdropped copies to pulseHEX, and then stake them.

Yes, I don’t know how many coins will be there, how will market react to it, whether it is just ICO like scam, etc. So I definitelly am not willing to enter this coin during sacrifice phase. I am going to wait and see how it is handled, how will market discover real price and if I don’t see any traps, I may buy some in case there is a dip caused by people selling their coins claimed by ETH. HEX pump is impressive, but this is not HEX;) it could be just an exit scam. But it still could be worth to risk some peanuts to invest. We have seen with Bitcoin CASH, that after initial selloff it pumped heavily. So that will be my entry point, such initial selloff, in case it happens.

Obviously what I’m saying is not financial advice.

My personal understanding is that Richard will use Pulse as a Trojan horse to get Hex into aggregator sites as Coinmarketcap.

This means that he needs a big cap coin (that’s why the multiplication is 10000x + a small liquidity so that the big whales can’t get out of the game right away and are forced to play).

In my opinion, this means that we will see a Pulse pump from x10-100, of course if you are a big whale you will not be able to take advantage of it, so I think it is reasonable to play with small amounts.

Another thing that is important to know is that Richard is playing a long-term game and that is why it is reasonable to play not only against him but also with him in the long run.

For example, in one of the streams he hinted that he has started to make his own European exchange, which will inevitably bring more people into the game, because it will provide a direct Fiat ramp to Hex and Pulse.

Hex’s main liquidity is in USDC, not Bitcoin/ETH, so I expect the same with Pulse, which means that even if there is a bear market for the rest of the crypto, Hex and Pulse can go up even more.

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Such people like him are the reason why so many people loss so much money in crypto. You may think you understand what is his goal, until the moment he shits on your head. During all those crypto years I have learnd so many ways how to lose money in so many different scams, hacks, robberies… The moment you earned some significant money following such artist the moment you should take out most of the profits. His next step will be to take it all back. Anyway, this does not mean it is not worth to throw there some small amount to learn something.

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My life experience shows that the people you are talking about do not take the extra steps. Richard has too many extra steps and it is clear for me that he is not playing to deceive people, but trying to change the world for the better. But I will not argue, everyone has an opinion and time will tell who was right.

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Hoping that SAFE farming will also be gaMAIDfy @JimCollinson :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Richard enriches himself only for the greater good of mankind, what a hero, if only there were more like him. :rofl:

Vitalik personally said two days ago that he welcome Pulse and was grateful for the $ 23 million donation from the Pulse community to the Sens Foundation. It’s super sad when our community practically gets a free 10k MAID from Richard to insult him. Man deserves respect.

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He is trying to create good publicity around himself by giving high crypto profiles money, that is only a way for him to try and cover the borderline scam structure he is hiding.

It does not matter if scam-artist gives you money, it does not make you owe them anything, that is just manipulative argumentation. And why did he not give Maidsafe $ 23 million, then maybe we could have looked the other way,

You don’t understand that there always have to be losers somewhere who will have to buy the worthless air, nothing is free! It is a falacy to believe that you can create value out of nothing without there always needs to be enough losers that buys the crap. And in the end when the crap hits the fan, the losers are left standing with nothing but crap.

respect is not a word in @tobbetj 's vocabulary

It’s a very interesting story, but bitcoin exists. Last time I looked there were only 2 bitcoin functions - create new tokens from thin air and send the new tokens to the next loser.

But, but, Bitcoin is worth billions and billions?

Yes, because some homosapiens like to play the following game - the game of speculation. People like to fantasize about how they buy cheap and sell at a huge profit.

Maybe Safe will change this game and I hope to do it one day.

Until then, it’s all just speculation and people are not dumb, just participate in the game of speculation - the rules are said very very clearly and there is no deception - there is a magic carpet ride :wink:

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If you earn it, I’ll show you. :kissing:


Put it away, little boy.

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