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Join Radix DLT Piers, CEO, Russell, CTO, Matt, Head of Product, and Adam, Head of Strategy as they discuss their thoughts on some key topics from the Radix community in September!
0:44 What are the team’s reflections on adoption since the mainnet launch? Is the team still confident in the roadmap?
12:05 How does the team hope to build hype around the upcoming Alexandria release? Can we get a taster from awareness campaigns?
16:55: What have Matt and Russell been doing to ensure Scrypto delivers the best developer experiences possible?
20:55- Other layer ones have a headstart on Radix; what needs to happen for Radix to catch up and overtake the competition?
34:35 - What are some barriers to getting a layer 1 like Radix listed on exchanges VS an ERC20 token?
40:28 Piers on Radix being a roadmap-driven company, and the ongoing work being done.
42:10 What do exchanges look for when contemplating listing a new project?
50:25 What’s coming at APE Radix in New York ----------------

Learn more about Radix: Website: https://www.radixdlt.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RadixDLT
Telegram: https://t.me/radix_dlt


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Hey does everyone know that JPMorgan CEO thinks Bitcoin is worthless yet?

(It’s been on every top news story since last evening.)

Funny that nothing is really selling. Which should be the case for most (particularly dumb) FUD really by now.

I didn’t hear that. Just means he’s prob buying IMO.

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DeFi products are hacked left and right. It’s very, very interesting how they “hack” them… The Hex users remain unaffected.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Looks like El Salvador is up about $20,000 per bitcoin if i am not mistaken.
So about $14,000,000 up.

Meanwhile the bank of England says bitcoin will be going to zero - I guess to add to FUD so no other countries go in to BTC.

Well done El Salvador, keep buying the dip.


Why is Bitcoin rising?

Rumour of etf next week


Any reason is good for a pump or a dump nowadays.

Because bitcoin price was late compared to PlanB S2F chart (Stock-to-Flow):

and there is still a margin for the price to reach expected $100K price.

(please don’t take this too seriously)


Love this video. It shows how Satoshi found the perfect alignment of greed and freedom which is hard to achieve. I believe SAFE should take some ideas from this when designing the monetary policy of Safe tokens.
Please have a look at this @dirvine


Great video, thanks.
Coin join sounds great, but tbh, personally I dont want the devs re writing anything thats not needed.
Surely it could be implemented as a second layer without us spending time re coding what I hope is already satisfactory code, even if needs a rub and polish here and there.

Thinking about branching out, came across this, made me giggle.

How long does it take to mine Filecoin?

Our latest tests for retrieval from the Filecoin network directly show that a sealed sector holding data takes ~1 hour to unseal. 1-5 hours is our best real-world estimate to go from sector unsealing to delivery of the data.28 Jul 2021


Okay… which nation state bought in this time?

Quite a price jump today. BTC