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Isn’t the question are any of them technically as ambitious or simply even that good?

I prefer to engage with original thinkers and don’t pay the copy cats any attention. Even if they are not copy cats, they failed at doing a simple lit or prior art review. The one project out there than had similar goals to safe (but died out) which had good merit was “ocean store”. It lived in academia pre crypto era.



Sia have the right intentions, but the wrong execution. If Safe fails, Sia is the closest we have to a decentralized Internet…

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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Hadn’t heard of that, thanks for the link will check it out. Any thoughts on Gnunet? Until now it’s the project I’d ran into which had seemed most similar to me. There’s a big difference in the original design choices but the problem they’re attempting to solve is I think the same.

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Privacy. Security. Freedom

BTT now flipped with FIL and is holding up the top 10. That’s mad.

By introducing an incentive of earning BTT tokens, uploaders have a reason to seed files longer, and to dedicate more of their bandwidth and storage to other torrent clients in the network. BTT , which serves as a crypto torrent token in BitTorrent Speed, is responsible for powering a healthier BitTorrent protocol.

A 13bn market cap to oil the transmission of torrents. Have I missed something? Couldn’t this be a payment in any other existing token?

I see that there is a blockchain based file system, but guessing that isn’t going to change the world if just using a blockchain.

I guess it means there is plenty of headroom for genuinely groundbreaking like Safe Network!


I’m seeing 13 bn volume and 8 bn market cap, but still, big numbers.

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This isn’t the kind of investment I’m talking about. In economics, saving and investing is part of the process of building a business. So saving up to “invest” in better capital equipment. Sure there is risk that a business will fail and the equipment can be a loss to some extent - but specifically I wasn’t conflating the two terms - as in savings in a bank and an investment in stocks/bonds - I was specifically referring to the process of capitalism and how it functions to create new wealth through business development.

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If it is savings, as in accumulation and deferred spending, that’s fine. That doesn’t need deflation to function and neutral/zero inflation - would be fine.

The point is, deflation causes savings to grow in value, without expending effort or risk. Whether they use it to buy capital goods or just for consumption, it doesn’t really matter. They essentially had unearned income.

I’m all for capitalism, where folks invest and risk their capital for gains. However, I’m not keen on people accumulating more wealth from doing neither. Given folks with the means to invest are already in a privileged position, I don’t believe they need any more help.

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Assuming eventually full use of fixed-quantity currency, then growth in value of holdings is related to growth in the economy as a whole - we are all stake-holders in the economy, so we all get a return on that growth … seems good to me.

There is always a risk in holding any asset that risk varies from one asset to another and the assessment of that risk is highly subjective … e.g. a young person can take much higher risk and feel fine with that as they have more time to recoup losses.

The base assets of a society though are the core forms of currency - assets that have thousands or millions of goods and services priced and sold with these assets as the intermediaries. So holding these core assets/currencies as an investment, which is the easiest thing to hold for the poor, seems the most ethical way forward to my mind.

Also, as we move toward a world of more and more automation, a means for people to earn new wealth declines … people will need greater and greater specialization and the changes are happening very rapidly now - faster, I think, than human society can really adapt … hence, having a strong deflationary currency is a huge safety net for the poor.

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  • BTC will break through the double top today.
  • The bull run stops now.

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We need BTC to sit there few more weeks at this price level, so alts can explode more and more.

Has anyone heard of Pi? It’s is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. You mine from your phone using their incredibly light app, but you need an invite to start from a member already, so to start follow this link Pi Network and use my username (arbormatty) as your invitation code.

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how about no to that one.

its not open source and its a marketing scheme to collect users data and make you look at adds.
its like google without the search results.


10 chars chars

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Bitcoin finally making a move it looks like.


Enjin Coin a coin to play games with is valued at 5x more than Maid. And it will go higher as they are listing on Coinbase. I dont get it


Because we are in a bubble and in bubbles value has no relation to price.


It seems like the MimbleWimble extension blocks in LTC are really flying under the radar. It should be a lot bigger news given that the same could be implemented in BTC once it is proven

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