New Video: The Internet Shouldn't be Blockchain-Based


Omg. What is communistic about that? I can’t imagine worse word than communistic for SafeNet. Communism was about putting people to poverty, taking responsibility from them, taking their rights, their privacy, their freedom and forcing them to live humiliating lives. If there is an exact opposite of communism than it is SafeNet democracy.


#1 - That anybody would be pleased to find something communistic fills me with amazement. Our schools really have been taken over.

#2 - There is nothing communistic about SAFE. Farmers are paid for the resources they provide thus incentivizing those resources to be provided. That is about as non-communistic as you can get.


You can have different takes on communism, sure. But really, you’ll have to have a good grasp of what it is before you can criticize an ideology.

The central idea of communism is worker’s control over their own livinghood. You own your computer–no one else does, and the profit goes entirely to you in the form of SAFEcoins.

In a capitalist version of SAFE, you would be renting your farming computer from a Capitalist. You would give all of the SAFEcoins you earned to the Capitalist, who will in turn give you a set amount of salary, depending on the margin between supply and demand.

You can argue that the latter is better than the former, I really don’t care about individual opinions. But the definition is important to get right.

Censorship in this forum

I feel the exact same way about your nonsense. Please stay on-topic. There are other places on the internet to praise political ideologies that have killed millions. Let’s keep this forum about SAFE, shall we?


I did keep it about SAFE and specified what I liked about it. But you two decided to make it into a bigger deal than it is–so, you know. Not really sure what is going on in this logic, but I agree that this line of conversation should stop.


So why don’t you stop it? It was important that your nonsense was not allowed to stand unchallenged, as it was defamatory towards SAFE and completely untrue.


Yes, you have the last word. Let the conversation stop here.


Yes, let it stop. Thank you for giving me the last word. :wink:


Hi, I submit a translation in Bulgarian. Can I ask to add it to the video? :slight_smile:


Very interesting. Great job