New Video: The Internet Shouldn't be Blockchain-Based


Today we are launching our new video on the SAFE Network. Aiming to give all newbies a better understanding of the Network as well as an overview of the technology and farming.

It reflects the messaging focus outlined by @dugcampbell in the marketing update and the benefits of not having a blockchain.

We hope you like it and please share across your networks and speak the SAFE message. Finally thanks to @joeri and his team for producing this great video

Safecoin Video Animation CEP: Hypercube
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MaidSafe Dev Update - January 18, 2018

What is the hashtag we should be using?? I think we should mention this with each new wave of marketing. #safenetwork? #safetheinternet, etc?

Amazing video btw. Hypercube does a great job, excited to see the Safecoin video soon. Also want to see Will kick out some “community vids” :slight_smile: which should probably be labeled as such.


Hi, #SAFENetwork please!


If you want to reach a lot of people I would recommend using #netneutrality


@joeri when the music opens up at 1:21 introducing the Safe Network, has a great effect, instantly made me brighten up and smile :slight_smile:


Let’s use all sorts of tags! But we need ONE solid hashtag to tie all these other tags and our efforts together. #SAFENetwork


Can we set up a community fund for targeted YouTube ads? I have to say this video is quite energizing and professional. If the Safecoin video matches or exceeds this I could see more than just myself willing to toss money at a fund to get these videos up as targeted YouTube ads. #SAFENetwork :yum:

Edit: I’m not sure if @maidsafe would agree with such and perhaps the vid is a bit long for an add and more could be done marketing wise with a short but I still think it’s something worth exploring.


Love it. Great job. :+1: Top notch animation.


Great video! I’m a true lurker but do try and keep up with the forum whenever possible, and so it’s brilliant to see marketing getting a push and to see the forum here getting busier. We’re moving in the right direction guys!


Absolutely amazing video! Simply and clearly makes the point that the alternative–blockchain–just won’t cut it, and why we need the SAFEnetwork :smile: :heart:


Yes, always wonderful when music/sound effects sync up nicely with the visuals. It’s magical when everything comes together in the end. More than the sum of it’s parts, somehow!

I have passed along the compliments with my guys. Thanks!


Love it! Keep it up. This is exactly what this project needs.


Excellent work. Shared!


Thanks Micheal.

You can vote for Hypercube here, if you’d like us to make the next video as well.


Sorry is there a link, where do I vote? Thanks




@SarahPentland Is it possible to consider some sponsored reviews in youtube? There are many passionate and honest youtuber covering promising blockchain projects. IMHO I don’t see any harm in having some sponsored youtube reviews to get the word out there. That might actually attract greater audience.


Love the video! I’ll pick a right moment to share it. #SAFENetwork


Very nice! Saw it pop up on my youtube subscription and watched it straight away. Impressed!


This is really great! Absolutely amazing! Everything is perfect, from the song to the theme. This is the marketing quality level that Safe deserves!
Excited for the future!