Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network



Voters seem to repeatedly complain or protest on the streets about the proposals that become laws. It would be fun to see an app, that let people vote on proposals with their money.

Politicians aren’t held accountable for their proposals. It would work like this:
An politician makes a proposal, people with knowledge about the proposal would vote. If $1M vote yay and $10M vote nay, the politician will have to pay $9M to the people.

Instead of people complaining or protesting on the streets, politicians would get a direct feedback and punishment or reward for the proposals they make. The yay and nay money would go to improvements in society and the politician can’t make another proposal before they paid up their debt.

Another option is to skip politicians all together and vote on proposals and existing laws by putting our money…

How about poor people with no money? they can still vote and their vote would also count as money.


SAFE DAW (digital audio workstation). With the new AudioWorklet it’s possible to produce high quality audio with web technology. I don’t know if the SAFE browser has that yet, but Google Chrome already has support for AudioWorklets.

To develop a full-fledged DAW such as Pro Tools or Ableton Live is a huge project, but the SAFE DAW can start as a very simple app where functionality is added over time. And already existing open source technology can be used such as Web Audio Modules (WAM), which supports both JavaScript and Web Assembly that can be compiled from C++ code (and now even Rust I think).


I sense @Nigel will be interested in this…


I think something like the SAFE-Med, and SAFE-rent apps have immense potential. If there is any more information on the likes of them I think it should be able to reach a wide audience.


I’ve actually had this idea before where when SAFE gets compute you wouldn’t need a high end computer to have resource intensive plug-ins the pros use and just pile them on, bounce the song down and there you go. Really glad you shared that @Anders. How cool!


SAFE TV - it would re-broadcast all TV all over the world for small fee starting with content like Netflix to become cheap place to watch sport matches in high resolution later.

SAFE DB - would combine movies database with all information about actors like IMDB with option to watch from last sight scene plus option to pay directly actors to SAFE DB account for all actors and people involved in making video.


Now that github as been bought by microsoft, showing the weakness of a centralized hosting platform, I would definitely say that a safehub would be great.
And I’m not only thinking about git repos but also about docker files for example.

I think that would be great to show to developers the strength of decentralized internet through useful apps for development, so would first host their project on safe network and then maybe get interested in it.
Here are other apps I would find useful for developers :

  • SAFEVoip/messaging/video-conference ( a thing like discord, with integration for developers )
  • a lightweight. project and task management tools ( I think to, for example ) : SAFEproject
  • an collaborative document editing tool : SAFEmarkdown/SAFEtex/SAFEpad or better, a tools that combines latex/markdown editing as well as WYSIWYG editing )

I also think that in order to be adopted, safe need to be added in firefox. So a firefox add-on would be great.

And a last thing : as I think that the strength of big companies are their ability to provide a coherent ecosystem ( you can easily have interactions between their tools ), I would think that an universal communication protocol between applications would be great. You would have the output, the inputs methods, and then, other developers would be able to build “connecting applications” that would make multiple applications interact with each other.
In that way, we would be able to build big modular applications from a bunch of small applications.
( yeah, that last point sound a bit utopic :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’m also adding : an app that can replace this thread :angel:
An application where you have threads for each applications and where you can vote vote for it ( like reddit ), meet developers/designers/… interested in the project, add comments on each application thread, add features it should have, …
To sum up, allow everyone to collaborate to think and start the creation of new applications.


A kickstarter for decentralised apps of some sort? ‘KicksDAPPer’?

I like it…you have my vote. :wink:


This is very much the purpose of all of the SOLID stuff you will see mentioned from time to time on this forum. For a very simple example of this principle (not using SOLID), see my app safe://checklists


Wow :open_mouth: that seems to be awesome. Thank you for the information. I’ve read the word SOLID earlier on this forum but havn’t really understood what it was.
I’m really happy to see such amazing, ambitious and working projects :smiley:
Since I came on this forum, I’m less and less pessimistic about the future of internet :slightly_smiling_face:


Could there be a point of sales system for a bar or restaurant?


The creation of a solid developer’s community is probably the most important goal for now, they are the creators of what we use, after all.