Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


Are you for this tec or against it? many say it could rewire one brain and cause mental illness. Myself I am not too sure.


Isn’t the internet rewiring our brains and causing it’s own mental illnesses? Personally I think it could be very useful but in the grander scheme of things I think the bigger issue is having it open source, private and secure instead of closed source and under the control of a corporation that’ll sell our data to the gov’t at the drop of a hat.


App that helps make national security letter gag orders impractical. Might for instance publish as many as possible as soon as they are issue, treat each as a human right violation and then work to expose the names and criminality of those who issued it all the way up the chain. Treat each issuance as a criminal act and take donations to get laws changed to properly criminalize and pursue retroactively the criminal prosecution seeking to over ride ex post facto, soveriegn immunity, APA, work with ICC


Do you mind translating this into standard English so the rest of us can understand what you’re talking about?


Gag orders are another facet of silencing whistle blowers and trying to stop transparency. Its not about witness protection or protecting state credibility from spurious claims or preventing breaches of the peace. It fits in with the tactics of a failed state where people go to secret courts are gulity until proven innocent, are convicted without a jury under secret laws and charges that are never revealed and then dissappeared. If a state knew all or most of their NS letters would go public would that slow or help stop their issuance? We need these gag orders to become illegal. The US acts like they’ve issued a blanket order to Snowden that has somehow eliminated his freedom of speech and is quite righteous about it. Look up the youtube videos where reporters question Petaki on Snowden.

911 was followed by 50000 gag orders most aimed at Federal employees. In ensuing years a US Attorney General, FBI West Coast head, General in charge of USAF intelligence and W Bush’s lead labor economist at the time of 911 have stated the evidence points toward false flag and the investigations were a farse.


Making things illegal isn’t really a software function @warren.


Consolidated User Owned Profile

I think this MyProfile project sums it up:

In a similar way to unhosted services, a profile stored securely on SAFE could be used to authenticate and interoperate with other services (on SAFE or the old web/internet) allowing the user to keep ownership of their data and select what data is shared with each service, keep different versions for different services, or update multiple services from a single version.


Well software activism to remind the US in particular that it has a first amendment to guard against this particular type of censorship. That freedom of speech also covered people who specific things to report that were politically important.


Shared-Stuff - Share Real Stuff with Friends

With “Shared Stuff” you can edit a list of (real world) stuff that you own and share it with your friends. You can search and browse an aggregated view of all the stuff that your friends have. Imagine you need an electric drill but don’t want to buy one for the 2 holes you drill in one year. With Shared Stuff you can easily see who of your friends you can ask. You can also find inspirations for good books in your friend’s list or discover an old unused sega game console for a fun retro gaming party…

Note: this is an existing “unhosted” app:


Time lock with a deadman switch.

That is A SAFE… unlock to public at a future time, if not refreshed, which would act as alternate option to multisig and thirdparty holding private keys and other data in a trusted way.

I can’t think how to improve this and foolproof it to ensure that a user hasn’t simply forgotten to refresh but expect an app dev could add on email and other prompts and options to individualise the request… perhaps fallback to multisig for a time.


Pokemon MMORPG but not with any fancy 3D graphics or anything.

Just plain old Pokemon Blue sort of graphics. But massively multi-player with lots of added content! And a way to earn / bet real money (SafeCoin) in the game.

Community built of course :slight_smile: should be very doable


Anonymous translation service
Currently there is no privacy at the boundary between languages where every request is sent to a Google-like entity rather than done locally. In the future such technology and voice recognition for interaction with smart devices will be more important. I don’t know, if providing a service is practical but providing some anonymity for those online tools perhaps might be practical.


Programs like these bring a sense of wonder and awe, tools for the novice eye @Blindsite2k, appreciation for bringing it to the attention of all readers, including me. Such AR has been used in overseas ops at least since the 1980s, where such innovation comes from a rapid means to temporarily solve problems, such as the medical inventions that came from results during battles.

Open Software integration can hold great promise, most especially for instance, taking place of solving problems and allowing platform which communicates the electronic language through enhancements to an already set in place lifestyle, such as this man’s daily apartment living. Seeing this shift from problem solving to enhancements is what I see when there is the final launch. MMOGs is simply to wait to integrate the creation of the supreme. Many are working on MMORPGs where for instance @whiteoutmashups Kirby would be on your shoulder assisted by the HoloLens at your command 24/7 if you so choose, as your personal remote control, many will engage in this, though there is then also an option to transition this program or turn it off towards the non fancy Kirby coin game. There could be both simultaneously though the player/user makes the choice on their visual preference.

Meditation rewires the brain, due to 25-30 years of rejuvenation post about the same amount of time immersed in the practice, sustaining of the grey matter in the prefrontal cortex, it could be that all these innovations are simply extensions of our experience, consciousness, virtual and actual set in stone lives, illuminating the option that we are changing how set in stone we once thought we once were. Internet, same, also has rewired our brains, we are now used to taking breaks to ‘check’ a variety of variables since we are expecting these interruptions such as an auditory notification, a sensation such as a vibration buzz reminder, etc. Society has demanded, and the industry has spoken. A great benefit is this network I continue to watch and support from afar, crossing my fingers, for many moons have passed in search of a SAFE alternative to continue engagement while surfing the interwebs.



Unclear, if @happybeing’s idea for email and messaging, might also include micropayments as a form of anti-spam. Perhaps the transactions will cost enough to discourage mass mailing but I wonder that a user could set a higher tariff on accounts they especially want keep clear.

I don’t know, what other options might become available to stop spam with near proof of identity and network awareness… perhaps some form of natural negative feedback might be more practical on SAFE?


I think it’s possible to charge for sending you a message; and you can use an application that will charge safecoin for sending you a message. A person who you know can charge the same amount of safecoins as you charge, that way you can have a transaction and a message which will create a barrier to entry to communicating with you and solve a spam problem in your inbox, including setting a price per person, perhaps someone who you know well, you can give them a low rate such as 1/100th of safecoin and allocate 1 safecoin to messaging with this person which will last for our lifetime 100 messages outstanding between eachother and could spend more to send more messages and likely conversations would have a balance, 5 messages out -.05 safecoin, and 5 messages in response +.05 safecoin). SPAM will need to pay you to be in your inbox :wink:


Yes, I was thinking that cost would go to the network but I suppose it could be exchanged between users. That does allow the rather perverse option of advertisers paying users to read their junk. Given that there is so much money and time invested in spam and anti-spam, I wonder it might be worth looking at, as it would be another reason that attracts users.


It might seem basic but a forum engine such as this one would certainly be very nice.


@dallyshalla such a great idea. It might also be nice to set the initial and follow up un answered message costs to be substantially higher or even progressively higher. Get rid of the spam industry. @davidpbrown I think the cost to read spam or look at ads in paying the end user should be so high that the ad industry and its lies and inflating are cut out and its just people being paid to learn about unvarnished product info.


Can we get an app that functions like this:

Except for all countries and with more info and cross referencing. Also given it’s the SAFE network people could submit and store data easier and in a more secure way with more control of access permissions thus allowing for statistics to be visiable without letting their idenity or other info that might make them vunerable or otherwise uncomfortable out. Perhaps link with the police videoing app mentioned above so people can record kills that don’t officially get on the books.

Oh and on a completely different note can we design a SAFE network humline? I don’t know if any of you were CBC listeners a few years ago and listened to Basic Black but they had a segment on there that let you phone into the show and hum or sing a tune and have the show’s hosts try to identify the song, and then play, the song. So why not have a SAFE version? You can’t search for a song you don’t know. Livecast or send in audio files and then have a decentralized system where other people identify the songs. You could even turn it into a kind of radio your video cast where you’d record your question and someone else would record the answer (this is an idea for another app) and then the song could be played. Song request, answer video, song plays, repeat with a different querier and respondant. You could give feedback on the respondants and the better their answers the more offers to answer questions they’d get or the more safecoin they’d get paid per question or something. Or maybe it’s just pure reputation to show they know their stuff.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned before…

A password manager for the traditional internet.