Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


But I still think direct democracy global government is the most powerful possible application of SAFE


A futuristic app, although possibly in a near future historically speaking, is to on the SAFE network develop an extension of the human cortex. Ray Kurzweil has predicted that we will extend our minds into computer clouds.

To me brain implants and other such intrusive technologies are horrible, except for medical purposes. The good thing is that nanobots can connect with our neurons non-intrusively and form a wireless connection with the computer network.

Will will then have huge memory and enormous thinking capacity. With the human brain’s ability to manage abstraction hierarchies, our thinking can still be nice and slow while at the same time deal with very advanced high level concepts pre-calculated by artificial intelligence and then delivered to our neocortex as easy-to-grasp high level concepts. We already do that today in a lesser and more manual way for example when we type in a query to a search engine. The search engine performs zillions of calculations and data index retrieval to deliver the search results to us. The search engine does the “thinking” and the hard work for us to deliver high level and relevant search results.


Been thinking it for a while also. Big Kurzweil fan.

But this might not be possible until SAFE gets it’s upgrade to integrate the decentralized computation as well


Seems like open source permanently unsponsored search is the most basic application. Google is literally recieving and processing half a billion censorship requests from sponsors a year and its radically increasing year by year.


Yikes, that’s a huge administrative burden for Google. An open source decentralized search framework could remove the need for such administration. And if someone added ads on top of the search framework, then they would also be responsible for administration since then they provide a centralized service. And users could always use the ad-free decentralized search. Any ad-based service would have to compete with the ad-free choice, and therefore it would have to provide additional value to users. In other words, the ads would have to be really relevant and add benefit to the users, or the centralized search needs to provide some additional functionality of value.


Exactly. Yes Amazon could for instance develop deep privacy based relationships with it customers where it even asked questions of its customers to enable truely frictionless automatic shopping. But unfortunately Amazon has already been compromised with the sponsor conflict of interest. it is idiotically taking money from sponsors making it untrustworthy and much less profit efficient. Its caving to the Wall St BS on profit, which is substantially weakening it.


Decentralized gift card exchange.


Living with what you Love.

This has potential to revolutionize our very purpose in general. Why would this up and coming generation enter the laborious, there would be no longer any reason to do so when/if integrity is not aligned with Networks vision/mission. No doubt still there are many that must tend to the farming, agriculture, and sustainable energy systems that run operations, both fueling our human designed body with nutrition, and powering up our metropolises or boats, ships, and balloons. Though, seems we will be very close to instant master building which may take place of prior ‘work’ as we have known it. Will there exist certain age-specific protocols for what the normalcy rate perceives as ‘children’ for this Network? If so how will that be integrated on the SAFE, and what reasons are there for such implementation?

Again, Thanks.


I’d like to see basics first.

Browser, search engine, email, social network, file storage, editing and sharing, skype/messenger and as others have said a simple to use decentralised crypto to crypto and fiat exchange. I absolutely loathe the current exchanges , all of them. I dont like a single one because either you have a crypto to crypto exchange which is a pain in the ass because you need to use your fiat to go and buy some crypto to exchange for other crypto or it is a fiat to crypto only they make yo jump through a million hoops just to get your account and then you risk them stealing your money and going bankrupt or losing money because of lack of liquidity.

A good exchange IMHO needs to be decentralised as well. Because otherwise we only get half the benefit of decentralised currency if you dont have decentralised exchange. Thats the one thing that has always bugged me about Bitcoin.

Let the technology do the work. Completely hands off. I should be able to trade with my peers and they trade with me, simple. I should be able to send USD to my account on the exchange with my bank account. Would it really be that hard for all of us to come together and build our own international digital bank that sits atop of the exchange which would allow us to send fiat using our regular bank accounts to this SAFE fiat bank?


Integration/translation of our Ecosquared app into SAFE since it enables a financial dimension as well as an ongoing value tracking system to ensure a live, transparent, accounting system for tracking of everyone’s contributions.


Government, if there is any, should be kept local. Issues should be decided by those that affect them not blowhards thousands of miles away, or half a world away. Not that I support law but if you’re going to have such a system keep things local.


I definitely like that more :smile:

Just like the original Greeks did it


Global decentralized democracy. The key is to not let any one entity aquire to much power, inorder to accomplish this government must be kept local decentralized and most important voluntary. This will keep centralized power low and competition high.


Awesome and what if I or others don’t want to voluntarily take part or be ruled by anyone? Aka what about those who do not want to be governed?

Global Decentralized Democracy

Music streaming now that Grooveshark shutdown! Please bring back on Maidsafe!


Once SAFE is up and perfected and spread out in mobile hardened solarized form free of bribery and sponsorship I think we can extend Privacy, Security and Freedom into a way to life. I will propose it as an application.

Its goal will be to harden lives and communities. Its not always the case but some who are rich are completely dependent on money. What I’d like to see here is a network/application that works together to harden lives so that foreseeable generations of families are completely off the coercion/dependence grid. This amounts to the right to be idle in a complete way by all the tech and political means necessary.

It would mean claim (not immutable) to enough land and resources to be independent on food, water, communication and the basic comforts and to be free of debt of any sort and free of any kind of taxes that would try to take this situation away. Really this situation could incur a tax credit. But this application and this community would help people stuck in averse situations (who understand the value of this effort in enabling to more democratic situations) to immigrate to homestead. This was Jefferson’s idea and it solves many of the problems of dependency in society and it gives people the room to grow the spine they need to be world citizens. Call it it homesteader or SAFE life/community. Its SAFE as a way of life.

And notice you can’t bribe or sponsor these people, their value set isn’t something useless like money or power over others, its empowerment, their values are privacy, security and freedom. This would also end artificial scarcity and tech suppression games.


The MPAA killed grooveshark! Those bastards! Yes we need a grooveshark clone on maidsafe.


Can we get something like this.

Only for everywhere and that uploads to SAFE. Perhaps cross reference with people killed by police, other police abuse cases and local and federal law in each jurisdiction. Person uploads a video of John Smith being arressted by Harry Robocop. Mr. Robocop is identified in the archive as having committed assault and killed 20 other people and there being several other similiar cases of abuse to the one depicted in the video. marry Robocop gets arrested and loses his badge, perhaps even gets sent to jail.


Thats easy. An open source version of 1password


Can we get an open source, cross platform, and SAFE integrated version of this?