Most wanted APP for the SAFE Network


As for me, I’d love a complete Tumblr replacement, maybe SAFEblogr or something like that. Posting photography, videos, memes, reblogging what you like, liking things, etc.


What I would really like to see is a decentralized vpn application. I lived inside the China firewall for a few years, and few other things made me realize how much we take for granted all the services we use on internet on a daily basis.

Through a traditional vpn provider all traffic is routed to a single point of centralization, and that is a huge security issue, which could be alleviated if web requests and web pages were transitting over the SAFE Network.

Now for the technical feasibility, does it seem possible to you that, after entering a web address, some nodes go get the content of the page and serve it back to the user ?

It could be a big incentive to use SAFE for many people, before of course the Network itself takes over the old internet.


Isn’t this built into the network already?

I would think that no vpn could block SAFE by default, right?


I think he is talking about a service like “Private internet access” or the like. Where you hire a third party to VPN into so that all of your traffic is encrypted on the local network (At an airport or the like) and cannot be spied upon by other users or the firewall lords of the wifi network you are using.

These services usually give you 20 or 30 servers you can connect to and pretend to be from cities all around the world – but you are trusting that the VPN provider isn’t just as evil as the wifi overlords you where avoiding in the first place. If you had a decentralized version of this, you could connect to and feel secure that you where secure, that would be helpful.

Of course if the WWW migrates to SAFE altogether, you wouldn’t need such a thing. But one step at a time.


Oh I got you, thanks



The first property blockchain unified with decentralized polycentric law.

The property blockchain is collaborated with open street maps. This way, it will be the first world real estate, and anybody can become one simply by becoming a DRO.

As for the polycentric law, any person can create contracts with other person. No one has the right to enforce the contracts besides the agreement between two parties. If you do not like the contract, you can fork it. It has to be hierarchical so that property owners are always on the top of the clause, and subclauses are usually communities or business.This way, no business nor community have the rule over your property.


<<This way, no business nor community have the rule over your property.>>
Question: since no one lives in a vacuum, at what point does the community
or others have any influence upon the owners ? Do I need to make any


Thank you @jreighley for making things much clearer than I did :relaxed:.

While internet censorship affects only a few countries (but a large part of the world population), many companies also use the user IP to adapt (and often block) their services depending on where they are located: internet TV streams are most of the time unreachable from outside their country of origin.

Thinking again about it though, I cannot see how an app would ask nodes to get data from the old internet. So far vaults talk to vaults and that’s it. Another solution would be to volunteer as a SAFE user to go fetch the requested web data on behalf of another user by running a dedicated app. But then the data travelling from/to the old internet become associated with the volunteer, without anonymity, plus it also makes him become the ‘overlord’ of the other user.

Still I see a strong case for a decentralised proxy app, and though it does not completely match the vision of SAFE Network as the replacement of the old internet, it could be one bridge that helps users transition towards safe access for everyone.


Evernote, or a something of the same functionality.


Bring back the Bulletin Board System :slight_smile:


You know it occurs to me that just because it is useful doesn’t mean they’ll want to use it. The linguistic and legal obsfucation of which you speak can be very useful, the same way scientists speaking in latin or greek was useful. It raises the bar for understanding what’s being said and requires “professionals” to be hired in order to get things done. In short they may not want the common man to understand what the laws mean.



I just updated the OP list to be current with all app ideas on this thread up to post #372 (this one:)


I think the thing to remember is that there is a competition between the institution of government and of corporations. There will be corporate interests that want this sort of thing. The trick is leveraging their common paranoia to make that system open source.

Another option to pursue is laws and contracts written in code.


Yes of course if you do that and a user revolts it’ll be them leaving a system. (For example adopting Linux over Windows.) And a revolution will look like mass exodus of your app/software platform. (Remember what happened to MySpace?)



Not finished yet tho, I’m making all the logos clickable today, and making them lead to their own pages that describe the app and it’s progress. I should be finished by tonight


Yes! I want to play TradeWars 2002 :wink:


Since my interview on @fergish’s Podcast, people have contacted me for advice. More specifically, they wanted help on their App Project. Then I realized something that could empower all of us.

The global community has a ton of “unrealized” resources (members with hidden talents). And Entrepreneurs just need a way to…

  1. Identify those resources/skills.
  2. Connect and help each other.
  3. Facilitate Open Barter Compensation.

The revelation came when I asked one of the forum members, “why are people contacting me all of a sudden? I’ve been posting on the forum for over a year.” He said, “it’s because of the Podcast interview.”

That interview accidentally revealed my skills as a resource to the rest of the community. I would like to propose this APP below…

SAFEworks Jobs Board
The idea is to create a website directory where people can [Post] jobs. [Compensation] uses an open barter system. You can literally offer cookies as payment! The code of etiquette encourages people to provide “something” when posting a job. There’s no such thing as “nothing” to offer. Honest recommendations are free and can be useful.

The board uses a [Reputation] / [Recommendation] system, allowing the community review each other and avoid undesirable connections.

As SAFE grows, there will be many business ideas. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs lack one or two elements to make it a reality.

[Job Post] Video_Category
Need help creating a video intro for my Podcast.

[Compensation] Audio_Category
Can do voice-over narrations.

Click Audio File


Why open barter compensation?
The old paradigm of “local only” is becoming obsolete. Why can’t someone from Europe work for someone in Africa? If the only roadblock is local currency, let’s open up a new road and solve the problem. The only limit is the one we put on ourselves.

What if people can do the job but don’t like the compensation?
The goal is to allow entrepreneurs to find you and you find them. Contact the job poster and negotiate. Or you can do charity to accumulate recommendations.

How do recommendations work?
As a job taker, your profile collects “letters of recommendation” from job posters. As your work history builds, others are likely to offer more money for your services. Also, you can showcase samples of your work in your profile.

How does reputation work?
As a job poster, you want good reputation. People are more likely to take the job if you deliver compensation as promised, and accurately describe the job. High reputation attracts the best talent.

Is this a job search board on SAFE?
Yes. But here is the difference… Instead of (Employer/Employee) we encourage (People/People). This empowers everyone towards productivity even though they lack some elements, like fiat funding. A productive community creates real wealth.

What about adult jobs?
This public board is already considered an “adult” environment. But it’s good manners to tag it (Adult) and accurately describe the job. Please be mindful of the local laws in your area.

I saw what happen to Craig’s list. Is this going to get messy?
We hope not, but the code of etiquette is clearly spelled out. It will be up to the community to enforce it.

Welcome to freedom.

EDIT: “APP Builders Directory” is subject to change to “SAFEworks” pending further discussion.

EDIT 2: After more consideration, this forum already provides a way to seek help for building Apps. However, the need for a “general” jobs board is still relevant. Therefore “SAFEworks” will be the proposed idea going forward. Same idea, just scaled up for a global job market.


Good idea, look forward to contributing services for Safecoin.


I like this idea but if this is specific to apps I think this model should be forked for other jobs/projects. Or perhaps we should do it the other way round. Just build a job board and then have a section that’s specific for apps.



I was thinking about the implications of what this meant and realized the scale was much larger than I envisioned. You have “voiced” what I was already thinking. Thank you for that. :smile:

If we expand the scale to encompass all “services” then what should we call it?

SAFE Jobs?
SAFE Workplace?
SAFE Projects?
SAFE 4 Hire?
SAFE Services?
SAFE Directory?
SAFE Yellow Pages?

Community input is welcome.