MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic (Part 1)

Yeah. It’s a nice theory though. Thanks for the bribe btw.

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This is always the issue with social media and forums and such. There is no risk in you saying that it won’t make it back above $1. In real life, a wager follow conviction.


I disagree it’s all or nothing. I have played some great indie video games I am like damn this is wayyy better then anything Blizzard entertainment ever put out. But for some reason it only ever gets up to a small cult following. I think the difference is Blizzard hires Chuck Norris to endorse their mediocre game so it goes to the moon. I can totally see this just being a cult hit that achieves medium gains, rather then zero or infinity.

Not to say the value isn’t there. The people that discover it will get huge value. But I find high value hole in the wall things all the time.

Medium value is a little different than the struggle back to a $1

A game, is one use case in a niche.
The SafeNetwork is all the use cases, and most of them are in great demand.

I am sorry but I don’t see any scenario where this couldn’t appreciate more than 10x if at launch it checks all the boxes.


ok so the market segment here is like everyone… fine I can accept that. In my analogy the maximum potential market is like people that play MMORPGs… ok fine. I really just mean I could see it only saturating a medium percentage of the potential market that has big use cases for it… although that should still be at least a 10X gain minimum I suppose

Is there any fear from a “monetary use case” that even though transactions are instant and cost nothing and are not trackable that because of the potential supply being so large, it is frowned on by btc community that have 21 MM Max?

Sorry champ, what I read from your post/s was shortsightedness.

Look up J.Licklider and his early work on the “Intergalactic Computer Network”. You might get a surprise how long it was until this idea popped its head out as ArpaNet.

From initial concept of “Intergalactic Computer Network” to the release of the WorldWideWeb as we know it took just under 3 decades and that’s just to begin its first steps to wider public use and acceptance.

Just try and fathom that. Almost 3 decades and your scratching your butt at the moment impatiently waiting and grizzling after how long?

MaidSafe a private enterprise running on the smell of an oily rag are on the verge of successfully having rewritten the internet pretty much from scratch, in a manner that will be an almost perfect fit for the IOT future.

No crypto project heck Software project for that matter is even daydreaming of what MaidSafe is about to achieve over the next few years.

A fully anonymous, trustless and autonomous network once it exists and proves it stripes will gain ‘real value’ so rapidly your little head will happily spin around like a helicopter.

@piluso is right whether you like it or not, take the time to learn and fully understand its feature set and SAFE is either a grand slam home run if it comes to life or becomes dust if it fails.

Sorry to break it to you though, you just have to wait, as will the market and just make do with missing out for now on the speculative bubble you think represents the true value of this project.

Once SAFE arrives and does it’s thing, it’s lights out. But something tells me you already know that don’t you…


I’m loving some of these inspirational posts!

I’d just add that even with successful technology, it will take time to establish. The user base will swell, as will the price. It won’t be like a switch and 5x, 10x, 20x, etc, will all have their time in the sun on the way to mainstream acceptance.

I also happen to think that all or nothing isn’t necessarily true either. There are a number of niches that safe network could dominate relatively easily, without dominating all of them either in the short or long term.


My answer to the other dude isn’t about how quick it will happen, I am addressing the scenario of never ever getting to at least 10X.
What I meant is that the only scenario of never getting to 10X is with a total apathy to this project (even after launching it with full features) or the developers failing in some major way.

Btw, but regarding to how fast it will happen, prices will move way faster way before reaching max user adoption… once the technology is validated by the public, and considering how thin is the existing Maid market as @Antifragile said, just one person in FOMO can make it jump. It only takes 57 bitcoins to make it jump 10X in bittrex, it is nothing.


Can we crowd fund half a million dollars?


We shouldn’t even be thinking about “crowdfund”, if what you are thinking about artificially inflating the prices that would be pumping which is fraud.
The point I am trying to show is how ridiculous it is to claim that it can’t get to 10X, when it is technically in the reach of single mid-high income individuals to move the price 10X.
It is not even in the whale territory.

If the technology is valid, is this guy really serious saying that we won’t even get 50 guys buying at least 1 bitcoin worth of MAID? Or 100 guys 0.5 btc worth of MAID?
How is that scenario even realistic?


On launch we will skip past $10.00 in a heart beat.

Before launch we are at the mercy of BTC, we could hit $1.00 OR we may see $0.04 again.

Though with the new test nets and Vaults from home if feels like a fire has been lit under my accumulation chair - it would not surprise me if we went past $1.00 before launch without the help of BTC.


Who knows what the bitcoin community think, even they don’t know even know where they are standing. How many forks did they have? I just lost count.
It is irrelevant.

But if you want to talk about how knowing the max possible supply would affect the price, you should ask yourself why the bitcoin price jumped every time their inflation rate were halved, when we already knew all along that the total supply would be always the same?

In any case, the adoption as cash will be based on how practical, secure and stable it is.
I am convinced that Maidsafe’s Safecoin will be the only technology out there with the technical capability of becoming digital cash. Now, will the market adopt it as such? That’s a different topic with lots of variables, and will be harder to predict.

@Zoki Before launch, none of the prices are valid… essentially we are all crowdsourced angel investors without any metrics to valuate this project objectively (as a venture).


Looks like it went down over a cent. FUD’ers here must’ve not liked getting owned.


it was just my little joke. We don’t need to pump to pimp this project.

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Much cheapness :slight_smile:


But I still bought in too early…

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ya honestly if you missed the initial rush you shoulda gone and played other cryptos then came back to MAID maybe about now. I think a lot of people make that mistake though. They see a good idea and just think like I need to buy that now. Well maybe actually its better for you to let them develop it a bit then enter. Well if anyone was that smart they should see we hitting major milestones now and be lining up those buy orders!


Yup, am within striking distance of my target accumulation value. :metal: :metal:

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