Maidsafe Delisted

Hello Can you please explain what happen , Why Livecoin Delisted Maidsafe

Dear clients, please withdraw MAID before February 28. This asset will be delisted. Withdrawal and trading will not be available after February 28. Please don’t deposit MAID


MaidSafeCoin is not helping crypto to the moon at the moment. Livecoin will focus their efforts on TrumpCoin and PutinCoin from now on, to make America and Russia great again and lead us back to the cold war so we can get to the moon.

Seriously though, they have almost 400 cryptos and maidsafecoin is around number 40 most traded on the exchange, so it’s a bit weird they choose to delist it when almost 90% of the coins listed have a lower volume.


@intrz Thank you for your answer so maidsafe still Good :slight_smile: can you suggest me some good maidsafe wallet


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most people do it with a bitcoin paper wallet and import the private key later on to omniwallet when they want to move the coin I believe

a good resource is this topic:


You won’t find me complaining if this happens…

As painful as it is to say, I’m starting to wonder whether it’d be worth it to pay the fees to get listed on Binance (or else, find another way) :expressionless:


Kucoin seems like an option. Binance would be great but $100,000 to list is complete BS even for a legitamate project.


As long as we have Bittrex and Polo maid is fine, until we have a viable product I see no reason to pay off these crook exchanges to list the coin. It may take another year or two to figure out the working product so why rush with all this marketing/exchange hype crap. Maid does not have to stoop to the level of shitcoins, if they deliver what they set out to do then the product will spread through the crypto space due to simple superiority. Exchanges will be begging Maid to come on and provide liquidity for free then, and at that point I would tell em to screw off and we as a community fund and develop a decentralized exchange for crypto that runs on the SAFE network itself. Those who fund it own a stake in the like 1% global fee that will be hard coded into the exchange and all our safe addresses will get the fees allotted and paid automatically every time a minimal Safecoin threshold hits :slight_smile: . That would be my dream hah.


You can buy maidsafe on coinpayments however when you try to make moves or exchange for other things it doesn’t allow

Is AA still the CEO there? Him and his ‘mates’ probably have a good 5% of the crowd sale tokens, so nothing left or right of centre would surprise me there (cough NVO/Safenet 10.0 escrow/went missing from the forum coincidentally).

Sorry if any of that is wrong, actually nope I’m not, my memory is fairly long…


No yeah that’s correct

Another reason why we may as well create an ERC20 intermediary token (burn maidsafecoin to get it) until safecoin goes live given it could be a while yet



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Does it state somewhere as to why they’re delisting MAID?

<warning: speculation>

Could this delisting be part of something bigger? A listing somewhere else maybe?

Surely, there must have been some contact between Livecoin and the MaidSafe team about this delisting, right? And if the team knew this delisting was coming up, wouldn’t we have heard about it in the weekly updates, just to give us a heads up?

It’s either the team didn’t know about the delisting, or they did and wanted to wait with the news for some reason. I guess in that case, this Livecoin message beat them to the punch. :slight_smile:

I highly doubt it’s anything meaningful, there’s no reason why we wouldn’t want it listed on more exchanges than fewer. It’s probably something like the wallet is too much hassle because people send bitcoin to it or something like that

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Cryptopia lists MAID [BTC:MAID; LTC:MAID; DOGE:MAID]. It’s not high volume, but a good exchange. I’ve used them for many months now without a hiccup.


You can use bitshares exchange, it just works. Behind the scene it’s openledger.
You buy OPEN.MAID on, then you can withdraw to an omniwallet.


I’d love openledger to get more volume, it seems to be getting there

CEO of Livecoin? From what I can tell, Livecoin is run by some Russian guy.

It is really too difficult to get any MaidSafeCoins for new people now. Poloniex and Bittrex are the only viable options unless you want to use shady anonymous exchanges, are buying only a small volume like 10 coins or live in Korea and use Upbit.

Bittrex is closed for new users. Poloniex takes months to reply to supports tickets and getting a verified account takes a long time. I have a friend who registered a Poloniex account in May and it took him until December to get his account verified, looks like they’ve been working some new verification method now, so perhaps the verification time has improved though.

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Meant of coinpayments, sorry I wasn’t clear there


Expert Analysis /s

  • Poloniex is Huge. In wrong sense. Started with Bad Tech: Couldn’t scale well. Busy fire fighting. Can’t innovate. Days are numbered. On Coin Market Cap site: Falling back quick. MAID can’t depend on Poloniex.

  • I don’t know Bittrex well. But looks better. Much better. Good MAID is listed. When Poloniex goes down, only real option. One exchange isn’t enough. Even if the best exchange. Because: What happens if Bittrex delists MAID? Then MAID is dead.

  • Binance. Started with right mind set. Good Tech and Best API. Got biggest quick. No surprise. Important other exchange to list MAID.