MAID sent from poloniex to paper wallet address... where should I check to see it's there?


I’ve been reminded recently about how risky it is to keep funds on an exchange. So I made a withdrawal twice in the last few days, to two separate paper wallet addresses.

The first one showed up after about 30 minutes on the omni bitcoin address checker. And then also on the’s address page, but with an OPT_RETURN labeled ‘Strange’, in red and ‘Unable to decode output address’ next to the transaction’s green arrow.

The second one I sent last night and still it is not showing on either of the above searches.

Could someone please advise me as to where I should be seeing a successful transfer from poloniex to a paper wallet address? And also how it should appear i.e. should I be seeing that red label?



Use omniexplorer

Replace “YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE” with the address of the paper wallet.

OR …
enter your address into front page and click check

That happens with most omni protocol transactions now. Its just the way the the omni tokens were sent. They are now using a smaller BTC amount to encode the omni tokens on and the BTC explorers show the cannot decode output address error.

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Hi, neo,

Thanks. I just checked and the first one shows up but not the second. All I get is zeroes and a ‘-’.

Which website did you use.

If it was omniwallet then use chrome for best results and always try again if it seems to be wrong as it is code running in the browser and sometimes there are network errors.

If omniexplorer then I don’t have an idea.

Maybe just try again in 20 minutes.

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I used the omni explorer site you linked to.

The first transaction, broadcast on the 14th May is there. The second one, sent last night from poloniex is not. So I haven’t just sent it in the last 30 minutes… this has been a good 10 - 12 hrs, now.


Sounds like something whet wrong. Does Poloniex show it as sent? If so then there is a Transaction ID (txid) showing. Use that transaction ID and search for it on the omniexplorer site (see search box at top).

This will show the progress of the transaction.

But if Poloniex does not show/give you a txid then you either need to send it again or contact support. It sometimes happens that there is a mistake and requires a human (their support) to fix it.


Ok, neo. Thanks. I’ll do that.

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It’s just shown up, as I was about to submit a support ticket.

So, by my estimates, that took in the region of about 7 - 8hrs to show up.


I had some delays fro. Poloniex last night too with a similar problem. It looked like the transaction ID on my history was not seem by the wider Bitcoin network. Will check this evening to see whether mine has flushed through too.

I did a MAID withdrawal today for a smallish amount and it seems I am going to have to wait like you have had to. Maybe Poloniex are not paying enough on the fees to get it through in a reasonable time.

Yesterday I also did a small withdrawal and it went through in 1/2 hour


Fyi, my transaction had completed this evening.


Mine has completed too. That doesn’t worry me for moving my bought MAID out of poloniex.

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Hi, everyone. I also withdrew MAID from Poloniex yesterday (been about 14-15 hours now). However, they haven’t shown up in my wallet yet. Does anyone know whether it generally takes a long time for withdrawals to process or is it simply a temporary issue with either the blockchain and/or Poloniex? My Poloniex history shows that the transaction was successful. I have tried to lookup my transaction on OmniExplorer without any success.

Are there any other ideas I can try? I hope my MAID hasn’t gone into some blackhole!!


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No, don’t worry. This won’t happen. I had the same problem a few months back. Poloniex will respond and they’ll resend your transaction when the mempool clears. My transaction ended up going through several days late. Good luck and patience!


That’s reassuring!!!

Hi all,

Sending some Maidsafecoins off polo now to a bitcoin wallet.

Its now 24hours ago, and normally i can track the transaction in the blockexplorer, e.g. Blocktrail

Now 24hour later, I still cannot find the transaction. Before, it took maybe a couple of hours before the transaction popped up, now I cant see it. And it shows as sent from polo and the amount deducted from my total assets.

Any idea why? Anything i can do to investigate? Polo is not answering. Guess they are swamped.

Thanks for any help on this!


I’m also close to 24hours for a ‘succeeded’ transaction, not found on block explorer. No idea what the exact situation is.
I’ve made a ticket @Poloniex, but I think their ticket queue is that big it will take multiple days before they get to it.
Asking in the trollbox might help (certainly if the ticket becomes really old), I you didn’t try this already.
This could be interesting: Poloniex | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Buy & Sell Crypto Currency

Thanks for this info. Yes, very strange. I also send just 30 min ago some BTC off polo, and already this has 1 confirmation.

Very strange… have now 2 pending maid transactions “completed” and off my balance, but not in the block explorer and not received…

Hope it will all be ok.

Thanks again, ill try the troll box and see if any others have some info.

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Ivar, I’d say open a ticket first and then head to the Trollbox. It does look like they’re swamped and the mods there are suggesting that they’ll escalate the ticket only if it has been more than 96 hours. I’ll keep this thread updated with my experience/progress. I just checked, more than 24 hours, still no MAID.

I know I’m being paranoid, but can one of the experts confirm whether I need to synchronize my bitcoin wallet with the network before it can start receiving any MAID? All I had done was created a simple bitcoin wallet with private key and sent some test MAID to this wallet for Poloniex.


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Your actual wallet does not actually receive anything. All it is doing is keeping your keys (address/private) and copying the blockchain. Your wallet reports on the blockchain, keeps keys and performs transactions.

The actual coins and omni tokens are stored as numbers on the blockchain which your wallet stores the blockchain database.

Note: I assumed your wallet is storing the blockchain


If the omni tokens are shown when you enter your address on then your tokens are at your address.

You need to sync your wallet if you use it to show balances or to transact with it. But no need to sync to receive BTC or omni tokens.

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