MAID sent from poloniex to paper wallet address... where should I check to see it's there?


“You need to sync your wallet if you use it to show balances or to transact with it. But no need to sync to receive BTC or omni tokens.”

Sorry for the follow-up. But doesn’t using it mean actually trying to check balance on If so, how do I sync the wallet? I was trying to avoid importing my private key to Thanks!


No is running its own core. So you don’t need any other wallet anywhere to view your addresses.

No need if you are just checking your address.

Follow up question what wallet are you running?

Again your wallet doesn’t actually receive anything, it simply reports on that address using the database behind the wallet and everyone is supposed to have the same copy of the database. For your wallet to report on that address correctly then it needs to be upto date (ie synced) The coins are sent to the address even if you never sync again your wallet.

If you want your wallet to see (report) the transaction then it needs to be synced otherwise the wallet’s database does not have a record of the transaction. Everyone else does have the record and any omni-protocol aware wallet will tell your about the transaction.


Follow up question what wallet are you running?

I just used a bitcoin wallet I created using

I asked the synchronization question because sometime ago I had seen a different thread here that talked about syncing the wallet to the blockchain using the private key… I can’t locate that thread any more, but thought that syncing was required before I could check the balance.

If it helps, I have also searched the Poloniex transaction ID on omniexplorer, but nothing comes up.


Ah, so you have your BTC address and its private key.

There is nothing to sync and is basically a so-called paper wallet which really is no wallet and just the address.

So nothing to sync anywhere for you.

You can do as you did and check the txid on any BTC blockchain explorer. The omni-tokens are encoded on the BTC transaction

You can check your omni tokens using the front page of check address

It is taking 8-24+ hours at the moment for poloniex withdrawals


Great, thanks for the support/input. The added clarification will surely help others. I will be able to escalate my ticket tomorrow, but will surely update this thread with my experience so others can utilize the feedback.


Thanks for all the info. Did 4 maid transfers and 3 are successful so far. One is pending and it was done 48 hours ago… im sure its fine, but nerve wrecking. Have opened a ticket on it, but polo prop. has long backlog. My 2 other tickets since 4 days have not been responded to yet. Crypto is going exponential hard to scale up.



Well, blockchains have a hard choice - centralised and scale or remain decentralised and not scale.

It is easy to open the flood gates on block size, but it will start to freeze out small miners.

If you want both scalability and decentralisation, I remain unconvinced that blockchains can provide this.


Just an update… been almost another day, still no sign of my MAID. Have tried to escalate the ticket at Poloniex, but seems they’re swamped.


Hi, everyone. I can confirm that my MAID just arrived! So from the date of withdrawal to today. Almost 3.5 days. Hope it works out for you, too, ivar! Thanks for your help, neo. And hope this thread helps everyone else who’s waiting for their withdrawals from Poloniex.

As a side note, as neo mentioned above, I didn’t have to do anything to my paper wallet that I had created using The very first time I used it is when I initiated the withdrawal from Poloneix.


I had the same problem. Just checked and my transaction is now also completed :slight_smile:


Yes, my transaction finally cleared too. All good.


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