MAID Relisted on ChainRift (Exchange Shutting Down)

As you may have heard, Poloniex has decided to delist MaidSafeCoin (MAID), perhaps because of its new relationship with Justin Sun. Obviously we are disappointed by this turn of events. The Poloniex exchange is about to lose one of the oldest and strongest communities in the crypto world. However, we are making the most of this situation by broadening the base of exchanges listing MAID, which will give more choice to the market, particularly in the US.

After the news came out, ChainRift reached out to us saying that they are fans of the project and would be happy to support our community. :tada:

ChainRift is an exchange that really takes care of their users and you can see that from their Trust Pilot score which is the best in the industry.

We are happy to announce that MAID was relisted on ChainRift today. Trading for MAID/BTC trading pairs is open now!

As you may remember, MAID used to be listed on ChainRift but there was no volume at the time due to many factors. The story is very different now. We need solid exchanges and ChainRift looks to be just that.

We’ll be providing some early liquidity to ChainRift and we’re delighted to offer another trading option for those in the community who have been keen to find an alternative place to trade their MAID.

The ChainRift team will be answering questions in this forum topic and also on Reddit and we’d encourage you all to ask them any questions that you might have.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your ChainRift referral link, it lets you cash in on their fees sharing program that is one of the most generous out there.


This is great news, and a step in the right direction.

Lets support this as a community and start trading there!


Great news, especially for those in the states, well done.

Edit. Chainrift, please set the withdrawal fee at a price that covers the cost, and no more.


A really nice thing here. again many US customers (not all) can rejoin the party. However, what I really like is that we know these guys, not in any depth, but we have worked together over the last few days very well. As this relationship builds then we are in a much stronger position to see safecoin integrations and perhaps even an early exchange using the SAFE network client to allow safecoin/BTC trading. Never mind the swap of maidsafecoin to safecoin and probably a lot more. Each to their own.

As a network token safecoin will bring a lot of possibilities, direct sale to end users and more. What I mean is a good working relationship will help us all achieve those goals.


Great news indeed, big thanks to @frabrunelle and the folks at ChainRift for making this happen, and so fast.

Onward and upward!

Your loss Poloniex :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please do, we need to support each other here and show everyone what collaboration means and what it can achieve. I have great hopes, of course I always have :wink:


I love the sound of that. Exciting times!


Of course! We are charging just enough to cover the transaction costs.


Any plans to cover the remaining US states?


We’re always on the lookout to support more states and more countries, as much as we are legally allowed to do at any given time. However we cannot commit to any timelines because legislation changes constantly.


Great news! I like the look of the UI and I have signed up!


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Cool. When CT is supported I will sign up!


Great news :slightly_smiling_face:!


@ales85 labeled there as ChainRift :+1: well done for stepping up and good luck.

Would be great to see you have yourself listed on as that site especially gets so much attention.


We’re working on that as well but it will take more effort to get it done.


Bye Polo, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Thanks Chainrift, :beers: to a short and prosperous journey to privacy, security and freedom!


@ales85 Thank you so much.


@ales85 Thanks for listing and the support. Looks like the exchange can use some more pairs…will there be a USD stablecoin listed for example? I also think the other delisted projects like DigiByte and Factom might be interested. They are always looking for other exchanges when I check their forums.


We are always on a lookout for promising project that we hope can guarantee some liquidity for. Of course it is not always the case and we often try to list them without, but it is much more difficult to get a market going and having users trade as a result. But we are trying!