Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


what do you think about those as stickers?

edit: meeeeeh - but i think we need an unrestricted network before it makes sense to agressively promote apps … people will lose interest when seeing they can’t really use it yet


Ummm I love them :smile: cool font


it’s called Purisa in libre office on ubuntu :open_mouth: no clue if that’s a real thing but i like it too =)


… would video streaming be a bit too much to ask for in future versions?
I could see you developing a video sharing site with a similar feel.


I think I’d be beat to the punch unless I got a lot of donations. I can only do so much out of my pocket and as it is I’m really going at it, I have (what are to me) some big plans for JAMS. I’m unfortunately not a coder so hacking away myself is not a possibility but I confidently find folks who are good team members, skilled, for a fair price, and help give them as much assistance in information, resources, keep them motivated, conceive layout, feature sets, plus some good old fashioned collaboration.

I think there are others that will likely tackle this soon though.


Uploaded some free music I found on the internet, got it from Here is the jam… if anyone wants to try.



We’re going to get these shared strings smaller in future updates also :wink:


Love it! JAMS is already a usable product.
I feel my old CD of mp3 is going to come in handy.
It works! You can play your playlist, stream it from anywhere using peruse.

Well done!


I have ideas on how to do cross app file sharing including short links but haven’t had time to write any of it up. Be nice to coordinate if you are interested. Just too busy atm :frowning_face:


@happybeing Want to shoot for say 1.5 to 2 months out?? That’s prolly when it would make the most sense for us, maybe slightly later but should give us a decent heads up to commit. Let me know how that works for you or your timeline.


Sounds good. Give me a nudge when you’re starting to think about this. :slight_smile:


hey welcome to the very select club of domain burners :sunglasses: we should always start with 2 domains on separate accounts and a redirect , so in case you empty your puts, it costs just a few ones to change the redirect.

Awesome stuff that you are up to !! Thank you so much for bringing life and vibes to the network :musical_note:



Amazing :slight_smile: Looks like I will need to buy a few more SAFE to afford the puts on my recorded vinyl collection :slight_smile:


Love it, very nice!!! Building the future block by block!


without blocks :smiley: xD and at network speed! :smiley:


I’ve been asked if I would like to make a pre-recorded presentation video of JAMS for SAFE DevCon.

What kind of questions would the community like to know about the project and what do you think other people from outside or inside the cypto space would like to know??

Leave your questions below, so I can answer as many as I can in the video.

Edit: No questions??! I guess I do cover a lot in the post. Come on guys and gals I don’t want to interview myself :sweat_smile:


hi Nigel !
Do you have plans for letting people search for publicly shared tracks / albums / artists ? or will it keep private ?

Do you think we could create a safe mime type that could be used to link a shared track from a safe website ? It would be great if we could play an embedded Jams track from within a safe site !

Any projects for artists profiles / bio / links ? could be neat for musicians to showcase their work


You are a mind reader @nice thank you for the questions!


Wow, cool! Gonna be my first app to try here


Thanks for the answers on the devcon stream @Nigel, very glad to learn embedding will be :slight_smile: