Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


@lawdawg You are trust level 1 (Basic User). So when you start the browser, click CREATE ACCOUNT and then choose your own Secret and Password (and make a note of them). Have fun!


Might help to explain how we get to these apps, I logged into the safe browser and tried the URL and nothing happens:


make sure you are not using mock browser


elaborate? I went to maidsafe and downloaded this browser, i log in with my pass and secret and go to url and try these websites.


which version of the browser are you using?

the version that is mentioned in the latest release topic?


The website links to the 0.8.1 version. I’m messaging some people to see if we can get that update to the 0.9.0 version.


Ah I was on 8.1, the browser UI should really make tab in the drop down that opens version info of the application. Existing app lacks that in the header.


Right makes sense to me now, that needs to change so people don’t get confused like myself hah. Really that link should direct to a page of latest version and not static version by version. Will save on community confusion like this later.


I actually was able to connect to the safe://jams.demo/ with the 0.8.1 version of the SAFE Browser.

Is your IP address set in ?



I agree with you. It’s very easy to download the wrong browser. I’ve done it myself a number of times. I think the mock packages should be relabeled so that they sit below the standard ones on GitHub.


I apologize for the slow response on my part. I’ll link the Peruse Browser in the original post. Luckily, we have a knowledgeable and helpful community! Thanks all :slight_smile:


Does Jams use a database to store the data?

How is the data stored. If it uses a database, what database is it?


@damon JAMS stores the song files as Immutable Data on the Safe network as well as the songs meta data in a Mutable Data object also stored on the Safe network. Those data types xor addresses are like maps to find that data on this distributed network and the xor addresses are stored in your accounts default _music container. You control the access to your data on the Safe network and that includes JAMS. JAMS does store these data types xor addresses as lists in the relevant container to present the library and playlist, etc. If you’d like to know more technical questions, please visit the JAMS technical discussion link in the original post. Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Nigel nice work with the JAMS app. I was playing with it and have few suggestions on the UI/UX.

  1. It feels like there nothing happens when I upload a music file, so I tried to upload again and again. I realized that my file is been uploading only when I open the dev console of the browser.
  2. Also at first, I have no idea how to play a music. It gives me the option to drag and I don’t see any play option. I tried from Library then, moved it to a playlist and tried to play it but there is no change in the UI. Again I open the dev console to see things are working, which gave me the idea that application fetches the data.

Hoping to get these features by its next version :slight_smile:


Haha - yeah had the same issues when trying it the first time - to be honest I didn’t really see the systematics when it uploaded or not…

Was using Ubuntu 16lts and peruse

The playing worked if trying to use different play buttons (and re-pushing after the first hick-up)

After I managed to get it running I was able to set the Playlist in loop mode and was listening to music that came out of the ether for hours =)


Absolutely! I tried touching on these two issues in the OP to make it easier but understandably it can get missed with so much text.

We added upload bar (using chunks), play buttons in all static playlists/library, and a font change to our Trello notes. I really appreciate the feedback @Shankar my main goal is to make this app highly intuitive, functional, and fun. Thank you


Great demonstration app!


Hey everyone, @Nigel , check out these cryptokaraoke tunes.
Simon and Garfunkel Parody (6.39 mins) sounds great!
So talented, the channel owner, Joe, and his musician friend Steven, lol they have dozens of them coming!
Mmmm? “Jam” to Karaoke tunes.



  • New progress bar
  • Open Sans tarrif in the player
  • New URL :cry:

More and bigger updates to be coming soon!!! I have addressed all the hyperlinks across the forum that I could to include our new link safe://jams.demo2 the reason for the change was unexpected routing errors coming from Peruse 0.4.1 after updating that lead me to believe I had made an error (works fine in latest SAFE Browser/haven’t tested on new Peruse versions) and then lost track of my PUT balance when attempting to rectify my mistake, then wasn’t able to delete the .demo service altogether for a fresh account to republish. you live you learn! this wont be an issue in the future :slight_smile: see you again relatively soon with a new update!!!

As a side note come by the Twitter page and retweet our latest update!

A big thanks to @Arcturus for this awesome contribution and be sure to check out his store. thanks again :slight_smile: