Introducing... JAMS! [Demo] Alpha 2


Much obliged! The DevCon stream was awesome! What an event and one heck of a line up.

Hope everyone finds the Easter egg in the Player and gives it a go! If anyone wants to share screen shots feel free :slightly_smiling_face: it’s only available at safe://jams.devcon currently to promote a happy SAFEDevCon18!

Just a little hint: you’ll want to use Z, X, and arrow keys…


I had not found X key yet :wink:


Love it, it was great fun.

That audio design, level design and physics was awesome.
It was kind of addictive, a strawberry made me a little scared and that melon raised my heart level alot. :slight_smile:


@tobbetj did you collect all the bread tokens? :smiley: by the way thank you for the compliments. Jim and I worked really closely on this for the last couple months, he is extremely talented. All the music and sounds are original from him just for this.


Absolutely, collected all of them, I thought they where notes. :slight_smile: One of them where very well placed, I fell in the water once when looked for a way to reach it. :slight_smile: Send regards to Jim aswell, outstanding work.


Nice! We’re going to add a score counter and timer (which will contribute to score) so people can compare scores here if they want. Not that it’s that long or challenging but still engaging and fun, hopefully. There will be more of this to come in the future. Just a little side project that was surprisingly cheap to make. Also looking for more reasons for folks to visit the player on alpha 2, keep interest up.

Some excellent updates to the player are to follow, should be in the next week or two!


My score is a nice round number. It’s zero. I can’t find the easter egg and I’m getting rather cross.


@JPL Wave your mouse around in the player, look to Jammy for help :wink:

Also the Easter egg is only in the safe://jams.devcon site!


Been eaten by a zombie. I feel better now.


Ataboy! (20 characters)


That’s getting too addictive - I’ve been for a swim attempting to get that second bread token far too many times!


How do I actually get it to work? I can get as far as press button to start, then it kinda just stays there no matter what I do.


Press the X key to kick it off - and then that’s your shoot button. Z key is yer jump. Left and Right I shall leave you to figure out yourself (clue: left and right).


@connor as @DGeddes says. Sorry the site lacks instructions. It’s kind of cryptic which is cool to me but in this fast paced world it turns out to be more of a frustration :joy: apologies.

Glad to hear people are enjoying! Remember, they aren’t necessary but donations are very welcome! Especially given we’ve been building during the whole downturn, very glad to see it turning around. We’ve got an update to the player coming next week that will add play buttons next to all songs, the album art aspect ratio fix, and album art integrated into the play buttons for a nice aesthetic feel! :smiley:





Me want more! :video_game:


I managed it at last! I loved the retro feel to it, that was really cool


Thank you so much, that means a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


I should be thanking you for building it :slight_smile: not my most productive few hours, for sure :stuck_out_tongue: but that was brilliant fun (and also the first time I’ve used the SAFE network itself as a consumer. There’s another milestone for you)


Looking forward to it, would be realy fun to compete with other maid-SAFE’ers scores.
I agree with you and think it is a good way to get newcomers atention for the app/apps and the SAFE-network. In the future I feel like it can be a nice approach to get peoples attention with entertainment and then they stay for the apps and all other cool things that hopefully will be available alpha 4/beta.


Hey Folks! JAMS just got an UPDATE. Here are some of the fixes!

  • Album art ratio is now fixed at 1:1
  • Album art tiles appear in the playlists
  • Fixed a minor issue with the album art appearing at the bottom of screen for playlists with only 1 song
  • Added a play button to all songs in playlists
  • Fixed a bug where album art initially appears, but disappears upon reload.
  • Easter egg added (also still at safe://jams.devcon for youtubers watching DevCon vids etc)

Though we’ve made some fixes and finally have play buttons next to tracks, the player is buggier than ever :face_with_thermometer: so we are finally going to begin a long and extensive refactor of the codebase so we have a solid foundation. To me, the player just isn’t feasable as a replacement to any current service out there, yet. That will change soon though and what will come after will be even more exciting. Once this player functions with 100% certainty and you have clear indications that things are happening in the background (animated loading bars for upload and loading wheel when a song is loading) then we’ll know the foundation is in place.

Thank you everyone and be sure to check out the updates. Even more helpful to push this further and add value, to not just this app but in turn the SAFE Network app ecosystem, is to report bugs HERE, and to donate what you can, when you can, that way we can keep pushing full steam ahead so we have something impressive at launch!