How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)

I have all the requirements for Trust Level 1, but have not received the badge yet? I really want to give the browser a go

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Yes, look at your profile.
You’re now level 1

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Ok. I got it. 이거 내용 안봤으면 뭔가 했겠어요… ㅋ

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Like me too

Go Brazil :brazil: :grin:

hmm…, Do I must entering at least 5 topics?

Have a read of this topic. And entering a topic is going to the topic to read it

I’m new here. Thank for the info. It will be very helpful for me to unlock use of the safe browser :sunglasses:


thanks very much, like to see what is going on here


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

I already stay here for days, but why I am still not reach trust level 1 ? anyone can tell me ? I found I satisfied all the requirements.

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You might want to check again because I just looked and it says you are Level 1.

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This seems to happen alot to people.

Is it a cookies thing or something?

That’s one possibility.

yes, it is now, thanks

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Makes sense, really.

Thank You very Much!

Hi there, it looks like I’ve reached Basic level which I believe is Trust level 1. Now, when trying to connect to Alpha 2, I’m having some trouble figuring out what the Invitation Token is. I’ve also tried selecting ‘Claim an Invitation’ which takes me to where I select the icon and then select the Alpha 2 testnet. This then says Please Wait and stops. What am I missing? Thanks!

Hello, I just tested the process and it loads fine for me. It should take you to the page that has your invitation code on it. Have you tried a different browser? What browser did you try with?

Thanks @upstate , that worked in Chrome

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So are folks generally getting the invitation token on the same day as visiting this forum? I really like the plans for maidsafe and I am looking forward to the progress!