How to achieve Trust Level 1 (Basic User)


in the same boat… was this resolved for you?


Just checked - you are trust level 1


Yes, after more browsing time. I assume it was the rounding up to 1h that was the issue.


I am wondering the same thing. Also, when I do get to level 1, how do I receive the invite token?


You will go to to obtain your invitation token.


I have all the requirements for Trust Level 1, but have not received the badge yet? I really want to give the browser a go


Yes, look at your profile.
You’re now level 1


Ok. I got it. 이거 내용 안봤으면 뭔가 했겠어요… ㅋ


Like me too

Go Brazil :brazil: :grin:


hmm…, Do I must entering at least 5 topics?


Have a read of this topic. And entering a topic is going to the topic to read it


I’m new here. Thank for the info. It will be very helpful for me to unlock use of the safe browser :sunglasses:


thanks very much, like to see what is going on here


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:


I already stay here for days, but why I am still not reach trust level 1 ? anyone can tell me ? I found I satisfied all the requirements.


You might want to check again because I just looked and it says you are Level 1.


This seems to happen alot to people.

Is it a cookies thing or something?


That’s one possibility.


yes, it is now, thanks


Makes sense, really.