Desktop Wallpapers



Hello All,

I decided to try making a desktop Wallpaper, and here’s the result.
Does anyone have any suggestions for it?
Do you like it and want more similar ones?

EDIT: @jlpell Mentioned Licensing and I can’t really claim any ownership of these, since these were just for fun and I would like these to be shared. So, I will use Copyleft for the ones that I created, UNLESS MaidSafe deems otherwise.


Can you make a just “safe” version?


@Agonist Something like this?


I think with the SAFE Network logo. MaidSafe are trying to separate the company from the product.


Alright, I have seen that too.
Is there a resource of images that I can use for these?
Can’t do much with SVG format right now.
I will see what an image search shows up.


Here’s a PNG file



Thanks @Arcturus that should help.


Posting these as well :slightly_smiling_face:


New Version.



Thank you … :grinning:


Right on! Glad you like it.

EDIT: What distro is that?



It’s Qubes. Looks much better with it’s new wallpaper.



Man they are stunning. So elegant. Good work.


Thank you David! I appreciate that.



Hmm. I’m more of a fire and brimstone kind of guy myself…


All very awesome!..

Re: Xertez I am envisioning something like a blue magical aura in the middle with the safe network logo, surrounded by dragons, fire and brimstone.