Desktop Wallpapers



Here’s a new one everyone.



Hey man! Congratulations they’re amazing!
My favourite ones are the wood bridge and hills.
They safe logo fits them perfectly.
Just one advice for the last ones. IMO in the image with lights, the logo is too high and maybe you could change the grey of “safe network” with a lighter color. In the last image the SAFE NETWORK scripts’ colors don’t fit so well with fire’s ones. You could change the black-grey with blue and orange
Just my tastes, humble opinions :joy: :wink: Tell me what you think bro!


Someone knows what’s the font used in the SAFE logo?


Sure. It’s Roboto:


Wow beautiful guide to watch! Where did you keep it hidden bro? :wink: Simple, clean, minimal, attractive.
I like the 2nd page, (the brand brief) reassuming the core of the project with short and fast messages. Could be useful for newbies
First time I watch it! Thank you @nicklambert !


Thanks @Future, Glad you like them.

Now that I have the Style Guide I can try to adjust the colors of the font in the Red and Blue one.


Howdy Folks,

If anyone would like some variations of these, i.e. like with just the logo or just the words “SAFE Network” just let me know, and I can try to make some for your use.

BTW, I am creating these with GIMP in Ubuntu Mate and I am still learning about Linux in general but having fun all at the same time.


Having a centralized repository for all pictures relating to SAFE would be great. Pictures approved by the Maidsafe marketing team, and maybe a separate one for less official pictures “awaiting approval” or something.
Maybe there is one and I’m just not aware of it. The pictures used in the new Primer would be good to store there, to be used by e.g. those wishing to translate the document.

EDIT: And here it is at
Great stuff!


This is not about wallpapers per se, but could we have a .gif made from this logo where this graph would gradually grow, from one node to 3 to more?


I would suggest going with the lighter version of the SAFE icon as the background is dark here :slight_smile:
(Icon availabe here)


Here’s a very quick and simple .gif. I can probably create a better one later today or tomorrow



It’s done! :slight_smile:


With SafeNetwork text:

Slower version:


Thanks @Shankar, never saw that page before today.


Here you go @Future


Good job! :muscle: (+20 char)


Whoa, @dirvine Liked one of my wallpapers, thanks man!

Doesn’t that mean we’re engaged now :smile:


Yeah, that could be better but I don’t want to deviate from the Standard SAFE Network colors too much.
Let me see what I can do.

EDIT: Here we go, How does this look?


New one for everyone’s enjoyment!


Amazing this one!! (+20 char)