100 Crypto's in four words or less - yet more proof Maidsafe can't shake these labels

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I think for us, even the name crypto is wrong. It is confusing and puts people off. Any project in IT that does not have security is a bad one. Shouting about cryptography is like a car maker calling its products thermo, shortened from thermodynamics, just to sound very clever. It is just off putting. then the same clever clogs communities misrepresent basic info and makes it all just wild wild west.

I think we must push, ¨Autonomous Network¨ as our area and not ¨crypto¨ as crypto really is short for cryptography and itś a silly differentiator, then folk argue crypto means crypto-currency etc. I would let those people argue and misrepresent while we push forward.


It will still be confusing until the is alot more marketing activity from Maidsafe. Resources are needed to change the overall view of investors who think maidsafe is a competitor to Siacoin etc. Furthermore I think that Maidsafe should be more active on the mainstream area of marketing- I remember you had an interview on the RT channel, this kind of stuff is what we need. Hopefully this is on you plans. :stuck_out_tongue:

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IMHO the most important thing is that we have SAFEvaults running from home.

People don’t have to understand that they can farm, the poor people will understand this quick. The real innovators will move to places with GB connections to farm, just like traders move to NY for HFT.

The app developers will see the value of the SAFE Network, all apps will run on the SAFE Network (It’s just a matter if your quick enough to understand why?). Who wants to pay hundreds/thousands/millions to aws to scale their apps? This is a Bank in the Netherlands that’s getting DDos attacks at the moment (these puppies are wasting time and money, probably their customers won’t be happy (I’m one of their customer btw mwhaahahahah)). Soon underdog wallets like ours will be laughing at Coinbase, Blockchain.info and more important banks and we won’t even tell them how we manage to keep our apps running.

Maidsafe doesn’t have to do marketing, just deliver SAFEvaults and watch this thing go into hyperdrive.


I think we might need to do a rebranding, what does everyone else think?

Maybe call it the NIM(New Internet Movement)or DIM(decentralised internet movement) I don’t think many people understand what autonomous network really means. And the name maidsafe is a bit… Well… Strange sounding. We can rename current maidsafecoin to DIM coin or DIM tokens

It will be a different pitch (or pitches) for the larger population than now I think, where our intended audience is technically more aware : devs, early adopters, technology press, large IT users etc.

I’ve started to use ‘autonomous network’ and I know that most people will not undressed this. But it doesn’t matter until they ask, because it allows me to say, no it’s not a blockchain (increasingly important to avoid turning people off), and to point out what it will deliver. The how and what comes later.

I’m currently waiting for Jimmy Wales to respond with “what do you mean by autonomous?”. Just saying. People who can get there’s a thing here are the kind of people that we need to be gently familiarising with this, because they will understand it, they will realise nobody else is attempting this, and people will listen to them when the time comes. (By this I don’t mean only well known names, but experts in related fields - but well known is good Yeh? :slight_smile:)


So you’ve put together a Wikipedia article?


No, he responded to something I tweeted about health records.


Concerning a Wikipedia article: it could also help to have more in depth articles on ‘respected’ sites you could reference to.
I’m also curious: are references allowed to articles behind a ‘pay’-wall on Wikipedia, like https://www.apache.be/2017/10/16/na-de-blockchain-fair-trade-internet/?sh=0d28403683145c20a2237-923987208 (dutch)?
Look for example at the references of Ethereum.
EDIT: If you can show people of Wikipedia that the SAFE network could be their next hosting platform (so that they don’t have to show that annoying request for money), maybe they’ll help more.
EDIT2: of course there is a system in place for ‘subscription required’ references on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Subscription_required

Ah OK. I was going to put a basic page together - I thought you might have saved me a job! OK, back to plan A!


Hey is there an article link for this OP?

All I see is a screenshot

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Again I think you and I are focused on different audiences. For people who are afraid to enquire, presentation will be different. By all means work that too, but I don’t think it’s an argument against using ‘autonomous network’ in the kind of discussions I’m having and which I think David is talking about. Let’s see though, I’ve only just started using it.


Like it or not, it is the label which has stuck. Millions of marketing dollars would be needed tonight turn that. Sometimes you just have to hitch your cart to the bandwagon for safety in numbers (apologies for the puns! Ha!).

Not a good choice! It sounds like it isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, as the saying goes! :slight_smile:


In the cryptospace, many see the definition of crypto as trustless and decentralized, rather than as short for cryptography. You could argue that it’s a misrepresentation, as it has originated as a shorthand for cryptography, but terms evolve and it’s not really how it’s being used now.

I think trustless and decentralized can be seen as the next generation of crypto systems, where crypto systems 1.0 started with the invention of public key cryptography and has resulted in the current online banking and financial system and the encryption used on the internet today, but with the requirements of many trusted third parties.

The next generation of crypto systems is taking it to the next logical step of removing trusted third parties in many cases, by taking humans (or centralized organizations) out of the loop, in areas where they were needed as trusted third parties, it opens up the possibility of cryptocurrencies, automated systems and autonomous networks.


I agree “Autonomous Network” is an apt description of SAFE but to many it is, and will be, a vague and “unfriendly” term.

How do folk fell about “autonomous vehicles” I wonder. I suspect they are pushing a marketing term we can latch onto that fits better than crypto? perhaps!


I think the word “autonomous” is clunky no matter what it refers to. I suspect many people are more comfortable talking about “driverless” vehicles. Not an ideal representation either, maybe something better will emerge.

Agree, but it is weird. Crypto cash types have been around for a while, bcash etc. where the crypto was cryptographic validation. As you say it is now meant to mean something else (evolved). The double whammy there though is that bitcoin etc. has no encryption and people who know a little will think crypto == cryptography == making something unreadable without a key (encrypted). However bitcoin does not do that, it uses crypto primitives like hash, signature etc. but not encryption. So there is a lot of confusion and the more folk find out the more confusing it can be at times, or maybe that is just me :wink: It very well could be.