100 Crypto's in four words or less - yet more proof Maidsafe can't shake these labels

Makes me think of lab grown meat. The people working on it call it cultured meat but people looking to market want to call it clean meat. So I think you’re right there could be an alternative once the others jump in to bring it mainstream.

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This article presents several problems. Firstly, “rent disc space” as a definition for Maidsafe is not merely overly simplistic, it’s also misleading, devaluing and useless. Moreover, the definition for Maid is exactly the same as the definition for Sia, which implies that they are direct competitors, and that Maid is not unique. Once again, this devalues Maid.

To assume that people will naturally see the light once they see the finished product, in my estimation, is putting too much faith in the rationality of people. I’m not saying it can’t happen; I’m saying I don’t like narratives I don’t write. I hope the newly hired marketing team has and is acting on a plan to address these PR issues before it becomes too cumbersome and expensive to actually seize back control of the narrative. I hope they know precisely which audiences they are going to speak to. I hope they know what they are going to say, how they are going to say it, where and when. I hope they are going to block and tackle misinformation before it spreads like a virus.


It shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with a replacement name for SAFE Network. All you need to do is make it fit these adjectives:


Go get 'em Sarah!

Is this in jest? I think SAFE is a great name. It’s simple, direct, and digestible. Changing the name is like pushing food around the plate. To finish dinner, launch the product on a wave of marketing that actually works.


Actually, top chefs say presentation is half the battle.

Top chefs go out of business everyday because they don’t know how to operate a business.


Don’t think you have to worry about the business-side of things here. It is the presentation that needs work.

For example: why hasn’t anyone from Maid posted a comment to this article to refute this damaging information? Don’t worry; I did. Has anyone from Maid reached out to the author to push for an edit?

How do you think the US ended up with a president like Trump? Among other things, he won with what felt like an army of people monitoring, massaging, and curating his media presence. People believe what they are fed. Feed them what you want them to eat.


Marketing is business. Basics.

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I agree with that there is a lot of confusion calling Maid a crypto when it is not. For me it is kind of similar problem to when people say “I google that” when they actually maybe using Bing and the phrase to them means “I will search the internet for that”. To me and I think also to alot of people “Crypto” has become a synonym to “digital currency” which is not easy to get around. If you call SAFEcoin a digital currency then you could also call it a crypto currency, but if it is right to do so maybe not. May be proof of work currency but also maybe go with what people know. Not an easy problem. :slight_smile:

Probably best to search for an answer in something from the god father of marketing, Philip Kotler or some one similar to him. Was a few years since I read the “principles of marketing” by Kotler, so I dont remember all but maybe could dust of the book and and return if I find something good.

Well “crypto” meant little to most till there was something out there that people could see. I suspect that once the SAFE network is “out there” that “autonomous” will mean a lot.

Agree that suggests that people rent storage where SAFE is persistent data and not rented data. (@JPL)

Just give it subtext, or a catchy phrase. Look at cokecola, they have a name that is only suggestive of what the product is, yet the catchy phrase added to it is what really sells the product.


Agreed, because it mainly derives from the implementation of crypto-currency, but derives its flavor from the developers who created it as a decentralizing tool because they were largely crypto-anarchists.


The problem is people really don’t have a frame of reference for what an autonomous network is or the potential thereof. They barely have a grasp of cryptocurrencies but at least they have some point of reference for that. Given that Maidsafe, like bitcoin, is such a fundamentally new technology, I don’t think we can market it as is. People nee metaphors they can understand in order to relate to what is being discussed. People relate to maidsafe as a cryptocurrency but its more accurate to say it’s an autonomous decentralized encrypted internet that USES a cryptocurrency to measure the reward to give to farmers in return for their contribution to the network. But SAFE can also use smart contracts. In fact, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the whole network, farming, paying for data, all the complicated networking and vault management, all that, isn’t it all just a bunch of complex smart contracts and preprogrammed protocols that interact with users as they farm or store data? Isn’t that essentially what an autonomous network is? A big honkin super smart contract?






Agree. People can easily imagine what an autonomous car might be as they know that currently a person is needed to make a car move through space, so it’s just a matter of replacing the person with a machine. With a network it’s not obvious to most non-techies what part a human plays in moving data around in the first place or what advantage could be had by replacing them.

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Perhaps along the lines of

Autonomous cars replace the fallible human driver, autonomous networks replace the need for fallible human administrators (and controlling companies) to look after your data. and communications.

The revolution in transport (autonomous vehicles) alongside the revolution in finance (via bitcoin) will be paralleled with the revolution in SAFE handling of our information.

I am not a marketing person, but the sentiment is perhaps correct?


I think you’re proving yourself wrong there, because that’s quite a catchy angle! I like it


I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

I’m not a technical person, so the only way for me to appreciate what’s happening under the hood is by slowly building up a picture through ‘likenesses’ to things that are familiar to me. I would love to see more use of videos (like the first ones) with some nice visualisations to help people understand what this all looks like and why it is so fundamental and radically different.

This is much more like it imo! Anyone can easily visualise and understand what is being said here. Before you can bother explaining how these things work people need to understand what the point of them is. I doubt many have ever thought about an autonomous data network before, so we need to showing people why they need it and what it can do for them in way that they can easily visualise.

I might even tweet your statement now David :wink:


The mainstream media is doing more than enough marketing for SAFE right now, every other day. The perfect word is already being used, it’s the word: “SAFE.”

The fear which revolves around news stories about hacked centralized servers and peoples personal info is the stepping stone to Safe.net exposure.

Just connect the dots.

Basic online marketing is providing a solution to a problem.

When SAFE goes public, send out a press release, as the solution, whenever a big hack story comes out, and SAFE will get picked up, and exposure very quickly.

So start with the term Safe.net, something every one will get right from the start when related to a major server breach.

Than, in the next line, add autonomous network, which will spark more interest, and begin to explian how it works.