Yay! I got the SAFE Network logo 3D-printed. Here is a photo

This photo is not so flattering. The grey color is not right, it should be a navy-blue for business, or light blue or purple if we are feeling festive. But this depressing grey color was the only filament available for me.

Naturally I can send any files out to anyone else that wants to print it. I have the original blender version, and the Makerbot print version, and every step in between. Of course, to use the Makerbot print version, you need to be using a Makerbot printer, like I did. I used the Makerbot mini, for this print.

This version has a few flaws. I already tightened up the specs and have several new versions. I have one with spheres. I even made a “3D” version. But this is the only one I have printed out. My access to the printer is sporadic. I have blender files for all of these versions. Sending them to a 3D printer slicer and getting them out would be very easy for anyone who has the know-how and equipment.


Great work! a little paint ought to fix the color. How big is it? – It’s difficult to determine the scale in the image.

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It’s about 3 inches across. Of course, you can type a scale factor into the setup software and it can be any size you want!

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