Will the new network will be safe in case of destroying one of the computers in the net?

did the new network will be safe in case of destroying one of the computers in the net?
this is a really important question because it can happen anytime to everyone.
hope you will have a solution

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The data on the network is stored on Adult nodes and replicated across multiple Adult nodes.

Your computer is not storing your data you load onto the network.

So your data is safe if any computer disconnects for any reason. There is testing (to be) done to ensure large outages do not lose data across the network. Most large outages will see the nodes come back on line so the data “loss” maybe temporary.


It is worth asking I think, and I’m curious, how much of the network would have to be taken out before data loss would start occurring? And how fast would recovery occur? Perhaps a better metaphor for the SAFE network would be an organic organism that needs to heal and the question is how fast that healing takes place vs how much damage it can withstand before any permanent lasting damage is suffered?


This is actually an extremely difficult thing to quantify. It is possible for all the adult nodes holding the copies of a particular chunk to fail all at once. But what is the chance of that? It can be calculated and is very small.

Of course it is more likely that a region will go down at once. But this will not take out all the chunks that are held on the adults in that region since the chunks are spread across the network. Now it is possible there will be one or more chunks that were only replicated in that region.

Now since it was a regional outage, barring atomic blasts or similar, the region will be coming back online at some time, either in stages or all at once. It would then be expected that the majority of adult nodes will be able to supply the missing chunks that were totally held in that region.

I did do some modelling and there is also the problem of the network becoming full if there was already too low spare space (eg 30% spare/free) and a large region, say china and other asia countries (eg india) are either cut off from the world or experience outage around the same time (within days say)

How likely are these things to happen. History says very little chance for a major region to go completely out, although China is an unknown due to its firewall and view on western influence, where they could whitelist the world which blocks connections across the firewall. Other than that major outages are more to do with datacentres or the likes of DNS problems or bad setup of datacentre s/w. Those things is where Safe will not be concerned with.

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