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So I became a trust-level 1 user, got an invitation token from @dugcampbell and… this is what i get when i go to invite.maidsafe.net

Stuck in the process, any help?


I’m guessing they are upgrading something. Hopefully will be back up soon. :slight_smile:

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@frabrunelle @Nadia any advice?

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You will need to wait until one the the Maidsafe staff can fix the problem. I am sure they will update this topic when fixed, or they have something to update us with


Looks like the server crashed somehow. We will get that back up and running this morning though.


nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

Time to upgrade that bad boy to at least like 1.17+ :laughing: , patch up some of the CVE’s and whatnot. Getting the time of day to care about webservers/upgrades is always tough tho when there is app building to do :slight_smile: .


Morning @josephkentcraig we are looking into this one. Will message back here when we have some news.
Thanks for flagging it.


@josephkentcraig the invite server is back up and running.

It’s a little slower than normal (its taking between 10-20 seconds to acknowledge the updated IP). We are looking into the speed issue, but the server is itself, back up and running.


alright, i’m in. what now? :smile: I’d love to contribute computing power into this!


You can’t run a vault yet, but you can surf sites, send messages, etc. See here: List of Websites/Safesites & WebIDs (Community Resources)

Can run a vault but personal :smiley: so if you make a vault you can make available stuff to people that will connect to your vault

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