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If it appears to work, they won’t be the only ones. This is why I am fine with little attention until after.


ReasonTV Interview of George Hotz - he talks about crypto and decentralization as well.

George Hotz: From Self-Driving Cars to Robots That Cook and Clean

George Hotz, the hacker and entrepreneur who as a teenager became famous as the first person to jailbreak the iPhone and then the PlayStation 3, is determined to build a human-level artificial general intelligence. As a first step, he’s racing to build the world’s first fully self-driving car system.

Hotz’s company,, which has raised $8.1 million, is competing against giants like Google offshoot Waymo, Amazon-owned Zoox, and General Motors project Cruise. Those efforts rely on custom vehicles with expensive sensor arrays such as LIDAR—light detection and ranging—to identify surrounding objects and people, navigating a pre-mapped path. Hotz says his better-financed competitors have misled the public with hype about what their products can do and on what time scale.


This was great! Thanks for posting! :pray:


New Crypto Meme Review from Crypto Daily (monthly lol)

Just sharing this because I love this song and she does it hella good. I consider this the non-butchered version.


Fun factoid - the pal I was staying with last week is a cousin of Davy Graham.
DG had a “complicated” family life and it was only after his death that my mate discovered that he was his cousin.

Which was a pity cos he’d been a fan for decades…

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Was Davy Graham an Irishman? If so it might be him I have a recording of singing Black is the color, which is a somber tune that always gets me.

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I’m going to check out that version now - there’s a Nina Simone version which is incredible too, I learned recently

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No he was a Scot working in London.

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Scrub your Metadata with THESE Tools

Did you know that when you share a photo online, you might be revealing the exact location of your home? Or that when you print a document, there are hidden dots on the page that reveal the exact printer the document came from?
Metadata is data about data. It’s attached to EVERY digital artifact, and when you share a digital file, you’re probably revealing a lot more information than intended.
How do you find this metadata and erase it? We’ll teach you in this video.

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Explaining how to properly measure latency. Fantastic explanation and application of statistics.


The West Is in Serious Trouble | Guest: Glenn Beck | Ep 139

Matt Kibbe sits down with (@BlazeTV) founder Glenn Beck to discuss his rescue activities in Afghanistan, as well as the increasingly depressing state of the world. Having seen unspeakable horrors with his own eyes, Beck now understands the magnitude of government’s cruelty and callousness towards ordinary people, even when lives are at stake. That knowledge, combined with the systematic attempts to dismantle the values and freedoms of Western civilization, makes it difficult to be an optimist at this particular time in history, although Kibbe gives it the old college try.

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Tell-All Book Reveals How Business Is REALLY Done in China

China Unscripted episode #134

Desmond Shum, who was raised in Hong Kong, said he didn’t understand how to play China’s business game until he met his wife, Whitney Duan. They made a fortune together, and as a result she became China’s wealthiest female entrepreneur. But when Xi Jinping came to power, Shum saw the writing on the wall for business in China. He and Duan divorced and Shum moved to the UK. In 2017, Duan disappeared. After she went missing, Shum wanted to leave their son his account of what had happened, which led to his tell-all book about doing business in China called “Red Roulette: An Insider’s Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption, and Vengeance in Today’s China”. You can buy Red Roulette at


Why Totalitarians Promote Hate

… or fear of the other. Hate/Fear are the required precursors for blind obedience … so granting more power to the authoritarian.

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Seems like there is only one mob promoting hate and fear here…

You WILL be collectivised. But we’ll do it with love.
Bring a side dish when we roast the kulaks horse :slight_smile:

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Anyone else observing the volcano? Tragic for folk with homes and farms in its path, but fascinating to watching it evolve and witness the power of what we all live on top of.

Also: Bonus white noise to work to.



Screws that changed the world.

This is legal in the US and UK